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Hmmmmmm...i dont think i like ChouChou at all...she is fun, but i getting annoyed easily by characters who frequantly use "like" in most of their sentances, and somehow her questioning her parents makes me thinks they had some kind of arranged marrage to support relations with the hidden Cloud. *Shrugs* Glad were seeing more of Sarada and i am liking her more and more. As for this new guy, i immediately thought "Itachis bastard son" once i saw him, but the white hair and pale white skin makes me think Orochimaru experiment. Also, it makes me curious on the current relationship with Orochimaru is with Konoha when Naruto can just "go to Orochimaru's place" The explantion is certainly making me more and more interested in this short series, and i am even beginning to get used to Konoha's new technological advances. Also, and i really, truly love this, is that Naruto isnt using Shadow Clones to do all of his paper work like so many annoying Fanfics make him do even when he is older. It really goes to show Narutos maturity and only using clones when something personally requires his attention or even use them for meetings he cant attend.

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