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I'll go ahead and grab Sherry Birkin from the Resident Evil series since she doesn't have anyone to love her at the moment. Really liked playing as her in 6 rather than her male partner, Jake.

Edit: Just realized i didnt cash in part 2 of the monthly event. Crap. Meant to watch Tower of God and see what this girl was like, but got totally side tracked. Oh well, i'll ditch her for Emilie "Lili" De Rochefort who is now free. For one thing, Lili is rich, blond, primarily wears white clothing, WAY younger than Ha Yuri, has fuller breasts, has gymnastics training that she converted into a fighting style, and surprisingly enjoys a good scrap every now and again. I'm sure that's a significant enough distance between the two. Now if you'll excuse me, I got a dinner date with my new rich heiress *Chuckles*

FORCE Susanoo Slayers (Possible last Impossible mode before NM2! Watch your back, Madara Uchiha!)
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