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Originally Posted by drag0nf0rce View Post
If Attitude cedeides what rank you get, im never gona get a hinata jounin T.T
Chojuro defo is jounin or above, he is the last remaining loyal swordsman :)
So hes shy... so waht doesnt stop him from being kickass when needed
Yeah but at the current place of the anime he is pretty useless/annoying and just moans. Its only those who read the last manga chapter know how badass he can be xD. I based the current anime Chojuro as a Genin as in my head is see nm character ranks being Genin/Chunin ... Jounin/Special Jounin/Anbu ... Kage/Badass bad guys/OP characters lol.

If Chojuro gets a Jounin spot then i demand Konohamaru as a Jounin aswell then. xD

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