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Dont worry, the members will come just keep a very high profile.People remember you for giving them good advice.Im a sort of forum addict because the last game i played,I played it for years,5 years at the top of the tree,and the guy who gave the orders on TS and Ventrillo was only 19 years old.But was a games genius.He was the best Battlefield General in the game not once did he hestitate on Ventrillo in 5 years.The acutal war was in the forums and then ingame.

We formed a friendship that will probably last for the rest of our lives now,if one of our computers went down the part would be shipped out to him within days,free of charge.One of the guys was in a wheelchair not far from where I live today,everyday when I finish work I take him where ever he wants to go,if he wants to stay in he phones me.

And at the moment i am already in a clan, Eclipse.But if things do change I will join your clan.Heres a little tip for you,if you do plan out your team and things are not going very well in the Arena,like losing alot of challenges in a day etc.Dont settle for second best always go with the team you planned,it will workout in the end.Good luck
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