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Originally Posted by Dark Legend View Post
thats amazing !! you are very welcome to the clan scarlet!
I'm very happy.
your forum is awsome, i was thinking how about using the social group for now it works as a forum and automatically connects with our accounts. but if you like to contribute with members and tha,t id like you to be in charge of the social group and if you want set up a chatango account to be a chat moderator that would be great.
you are super welcome to Dark Side scarlet (you like to be called like that right)
please sedn any pm to anybody if you need help or something!
thank you.

------- thank you saad you clan has worked pretty well, i saw a lot of members on you social group and i really appreciate your comment.

---- kaos you reminded me of counter strike :)
thanks for the advice kaos.
thx for the warm welcome dark :P but a forum is better , i can add a chat to the forum like in mine and make it just like the NM forum , like with World Map , Teams and Strategies and stuff.
I'll start making the forum as soon as possible , then you do the GFX ( i asume you want the forum to look dark ;) )
And yes , i like being called Scarlet ^.^
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