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Originally Posted by hakage21 View Post
Omg silphonix but u dont do anything )
I didnt be active on this time because i had learning how to use Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver and Sony Vegas and i was very busy with the school (for example, i had to make a work of the Atherosclerosis, i worked on it for 5 hours in a row designing a work of 29cmx57,4cm :)

Anyway i spended A LOT OF TIME playing Naruto Arena, Grand Chase and Elsword BUT : Naruto Arena, my account get deleted (and the admins dont want to do anything), Grand Chase is Region Blocked and Elsword get boring. So now i have a lot more of time :P

Someone told me that im crazy... really ?, who cares :D
What we are ?, who can answer that question? We are evolved beings or domesticated animals? .... If I know something, is that regardless of the answer, we are still far away from know it...
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