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Originally Posted by tihoa View Post
You can check out the NM beta yourself.

There's a new LW that was implemented like yesterday. There's still no Transmigrated Ninjas (maybe they're called Evolved Ninjas now?) and a ton of balancing that still needs to be done. There's a "boss" style Naruto with multiple forms. His first form has 20k HP that you have to spend world energy on multiple times to deplete. Defeating him unlocks a 40k HP 4 tailed form. Not sure what happens if you beat him.

For example, there's a massive advantage in starting in one of the Leaf villages because you get easier access to 350 Genins. Hot Water Village looks like a great place for your first country because Hidan and Kakuzu is an excellent Beginner combination and is fairly cheap since they appear in your starting village (not sure if it is tied to first 3 countries appearing in your starting village while the others appear in their native village since it's my first run through 2.0). Kisame is freaking OP as hell gaining 4.5 dmg and 2 sta per level for 25 chakra.
Really?! Its up? Where do I find it?
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