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I had a thread about it some time ago:

Nobody really responded to it, though.

Zweihander is absolutely crucial to the ability to camp well, believe it or not. I won't go into the reasons why here, but it's not what you're probably thinking (baiting).

Here's why crit_chance shouldn't be a variable: Average Tai Damage = (Tai/2) + [crit_chance * (crit_multiplier - 1.0x) * (Tai/2)]. Because it is all multiplied, an increase to crit_chance will drastically increase the effect of crit_multiplier, and vice versa. A crit_chance of 100%, for example, doubles the effect of crit_multiplier compared to crit_chance of 50%. A crit_multiplier of 1.50x Tai damage would also double the effect of crit_chance, compared to 1.25x.

Because each is so dependent on the other, it forces an effect where if a LW/Summon/etc exists that raises either along with a LW/Summon/etc that raises the other, to own one drastically inflates the worth of the other to your team. For example, suppose there's an LW that adds 50% to crit_rate and another LW that adds 0.25x to crit_multiplier. If Ninja A is wearing either LW, the value of the other LW would double if also equipped to that ninja - which is very restricting in terms of matching up equips, as well as potentially overpowering.

EDIT: I'm stuck using Wii browser for awhile, so don't expect fast replies [PC getting repaired...again...ditto for chatango/clan chat].
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