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lol people moaning about lws always tend me makes me laugh, on medium and still dont understand the game, thats pretty sad..

lets put it like this, on my event team i found DL in about 1/2 days, where on my main before i reset i was on it for like 19 days on/off.

Psonic blade took me about 2 months
Luna took me about 1 month
Mursama took me about 3 months

demon hit took me about 4 trys which is the same % as psonic blade as they are both extreme LWs..

First of all if u want fast LWs, get ninja dogs and level nin dogs to level 10-15

This will make your chance better normally i like to pick my first country as fire to do this, (but lower difficulty would want ryo bird) lower your rank the more chall you will get. so getting nin dogs at low rank will be easier to level it faster, tho it will make WM abit harder...

everyone has there story it is a % stop complaining dont we all wish the % is in our favour, i might go complain to the lottery and tell them it to hard for me to win make it easier so i can win easier -.-

Looking for some clan members any difficulty any level


Forum Page pop me a pm if intrested
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