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I know what you Harem Lords did last summer. You should all be very ashamed of yourselves.

Hello my friends, back again with a new and fresh spontaneous event that I am sure by now you're all having a pleasant love/hate relationship.

Your goal for this unique event is to travel back to the past at the thread "July 2015 Harem Thread" and claim a girl from any of the series you claimed from during that month. That includes monthly event and spontaneous events.

If you wernt around that long, then you must choose from January or febuary (You get two months to choose from because there is a chance you only claimed from one series or two in January and I don't feel like checking.) If you were part of this game, but failed to claim on July 2015, then you must move up the list of months till you reach the closest month you claimed from and choose a girl from one of the series from there. Hope you guys still have some girls in mind from whatever series that thread has. Happy hunting!

FORCE Susanoo Slayers (Possible last Impossible mode before NM2! Watch your back, Madara Uchiha!)
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