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Hello my friends, I am back with another fun event that I hope you all will enjoy greatly.

For this event, its a rather simple one. We're all allowed to choose two girls, but they each have to be in one of two groups. Team Tiny Tits, or Team Bouncy Bazongas.

Basically, you have to choose two girls, one who's breast size (witiout having bandages, restraints, magically changed or augmented by transformations) who either has very generious lumps on their chests in the A or B-cup group and the second one must be a character who's breasts look to be C-cup or above...such as D-Cup, Double D, E-Cup, all the way to the planet sized Z-Cups.

If, for whatever reason, you don't like breasts that can crush your head in between them, or perhaps dislike the ones that will barely fill the palm of your hand, you are allowed to chose only one girl to take from this event, but they cant be two girls from the same cadegory.

Hope you all enjoy this one. Happy hunting!

FORCE Susanoo Slayers (Possible last Impossible mode before NM2! Watch your back, Madara Uchiha!)
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