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Exclamation Legendary Weapons: A Guide

[Ver. 2.06]

Your ItemFind skill level of 1586903657189571635789613756913751689357135691735 did not yield any results...

Please don't use this thread for questions or other discussions. From now on use this thread for questions about LWs.

You should only post in this thread if new Legendary weapons have been found or if any of the current information is incorrect.

If this continues this thread will be locked and any new information about missing LW info will have to be sent to Aenonar through PMs.

I've said this before so see this as a final warning.

I. Preface
II. Calculating average drop rates
III. Credits

I. Preface

If you're looking for something in particular, use CTRL+F.


m:code Mission Name
REQ.DIF. [drop.rate%] Item Name (req.+ itemfind) (max obtainable) resale
+10 increased Item Effect

The default for REQ.DIF. is BEGINNER, in which case is implied and will not be shown.

[drop.rate%] and itemfind requirements are based on reattempts, with the exception of one-time drops. If you are completing a mission for the first time, the [drop.rate%] will be double the listed value and the item will not have an itemfind requirement. Any subsequent attempts will have the drop rate and itemfind requirements stated in the guide.

m:code: the mission code. 3:2K, for example, means the second Mission of the third region of the Area. The letter following that applies to the first letter of an Akatsuki member; typically missions 3:2 of the multi choice countries have two different possible Akatsuki opponents, and therefore two different possible item drops.

ONE: indicates one-time drop (only obtainable on first attempt). The [drop.rate%] listed will be via first attempts.

resale values of all items FOUND have been reduced to 1/3rd of their original values. This means that if you find a Zero Sword, for example, you will only get 10 ryo for selling it. If you beat the game, and choose to bring said Zero Sword to the next difficulty, the resale value will return to 30, because you did not FIND it again, per se. Ryo gains for multiple Legendary Weapon drops still remain the same (thanks Visi).

II. Calculating average drop rates

I (Aenonar) have added a download to this post of a quick little calculator if you prefer that instead of using google or any other calculator. Plus, you get all of the info with just a single calculation

LW Calculator.rar

Just like the Kyuubi Basher, you need .NET Framework 2.0 or higher.
(but not .NET 4.0 allegedly, need confirmation)

There seems to be some error floating around with the LW calculator in some versions of Win 7. If you're using the LW calculator with Win 7, read the contents of the spoiler.

So to be sure it's calculating correctly, input these stats in it:

Drop Chance: 0.1
Itemfind: 360

Your result should be like this:
0,46% Chance
217,391 average tries
8,152 average days

If it's not it'll most likely be multiplied by 10 like this (average tries and days divided by 10):
4,6% Chance
21,7391 average tries
0,8152 average days

As far as I know there's nothing I can do about it as it's the computer that is reading the code wrong. The code is already written with universal calculating code so that the comma and dot will work the same everywhere. Just make sure you know how the results have changed and change it accordingly.

The error seems to lie in Win 7's unnecessarily high security not allowing the code to process properly. Fiddle around a bit with the admin security settings for the calculator and it should work properly again.

If you figure out exactly what's causing the error, let me know...

Drop rate formulas:

drop rate * ((IF / 100) + 1) = real drop rate

100 / real drop rate = average amount of tries

average amount of tries / 26.66666 =average amount of days using all tick WE
Paste the formulas in if you don't want to do it on your own with a regular calculator.

(IF = Item Finding)

Full "Google" codes

drop rate * ((IF / 100) + 1) = real drop rate

100 / (drop rate * ((IF / 100) + 1)) =  average amount of tries

(100 / (drop rate * ((IF / 100) + 1))) / 26.66666 = average amount of days using all world energy (except voting)

III. Credits
Contrary to what may or may not be popular belief, I did not make this guide. This guide is the effort of the community, and as such, no one, including me, can take credit.

That being said, the below are exceptions to this:
The Front Page
for providing us with an endless source of Legendary Weapon effects.
for making the Front Page. And the Legendary Weapons themselves but that's not as important as the Front Page
Also helped clarify a few points here and there with regards to some updates.
For starting the compilation of all the data.
for constantly updating the guide.
for providing the "Young and [Adjective]" drops.
for providing the locations, drop rates, and effects of various Legendary Weapons scattered across multiple countries, including all or almost all of the Forbidden Genin drops. He practically wrote half the guide with this post.
for donating a very nice spreadsheet (or the image of a spreadsheet, in any case) with info on Legendary Weapons
for being kind enough to donate his very own guide to Legendary Weapons, with the locations, drop rates, and effects of various extremely rare items, i.e. Legendary Weapons found on Hard mode and above.
for being a stalker.
Baruch Spinoza

And everyone else who over the years has contributed to the guide!

Now, on with

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