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1. One Piece: it just fascinates me how does the whole story seems to be connected in a way, and even though it has a lot of chapters by now you cant actually find out or guess the end of the series, i mean its even hard to guess how does the next episode would be.
3. Tenjou Tenge: cant find words to say it, i just love the manga, mature and addictive.
4. Berserk: One of my favorites of all times, though it doesnt seems to be having an ending since the mangaka is kinda old and the series is being published randomly.
5. D. Grayman: i'm also mad abt this manga it WAS a pretty catchy story but again the mangaka gets sick or hurt almost all the time.
6. Hellsing: Speechless, it would be a waste of time to even talk abt it.
7. Claymore: Well after i've seen my choices twice i gotta say: i like medieval stuff xD.
8. Beelzebub: i'm in love with baby Beel >.< that cute little king demon, i find the story funny and cant say if its a comedy or a shounen since the series isnt focused on something, just a baby and a weird badass guy with powers and stuff.
9. Naruto: well i used to love this manga, but ever since naruto lost the main place of the story, and sasuke took his place has being going down, also can't believe why does naruto is so obsessed with him, i mean they didnt really were close friends or anything. The whole idea is focused on a "platonic friendship" of naruto and lets face it, sasuke gives a crap abt naruto :S
10. Scott Pilgrim (not a manga): since i ran out of manga (i was going to place Bleach, but... the story is pretty damn stupid) a funny action comic, focused on the life of a weirdo who meets a super awesome girl and faces her evil ex-boyfriends, sounds like full of action but not... as i said its focused on his LIFE, like relationships, jobs, a band, family, and growing up.
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