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Originally Posted by XeroMaano View Post
Consider the following. Our souls go away from the corpse when a person dies.
It is then that the soul is truly free.

Obito's entire chakra and soul was set free when he died. That's why he was able to manifest like that. At least that's how I see things. :p
Very nice chapter. Very nice of Obito to keep Kakashi alive so he can keep him away from his woman *chuckles* But considering Kakashi may not have Uchiha blood running through his vains (though maybe it is who knows, he could be a Psuedo Uchiha) he may run out of Chakra WAY faster than he did before with one Mangekyo eye, and very interesting that Kakashi could use a full form Susanoo from the start, just goes to show how much he is pumping into his very first use so he may not be useful for long. Pity he wont keep this power. (otherwise he will be walking around blind forever exept in battle...fuck it, i would still vote for him as Hokage over Naruto *chuckles*)

I think its more like the Ten Tails inside is freaking out with comeing in contact with the other tailed beasts inside her, like there individual chakra is pulling at the peaces of there own chakra inside her body that became the ten tails, and now its all freaking out and going out of control.

FORCE Susanoo Slayers (Possible last Impossible mode before NM2! Watch your back, Madara Uchiha!)
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