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Default Kage + Item slotting Medium

Hello! Just wondering what I should be going for.

Currently stuck in Karakura(Assuming becuase of my lack of kage). I'm 7 chakra short of fitting in ebizou so I was thinking of just taking him after Karakura, but should I first get a temp kage or is it too much ryo wasted in a short period of time?

Also not 100% sure if my item slotting choices are best for WM

Quick Edit: Any idea of LW's I could be hunting for with spare energy and what LW I could get at the end of medium?
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So, u are currently using 71 out of the 92 available ck... After completing AT, you're gonna have 113 ck to spend... Hmmmm, sorry to say this, I don't actually like the guy-lee combo since combos aren't that reliable on higher difficulty progessions.. But, it's fine to have them in your team though.. Maybe it's just a matter of preference... :) Actually, why not just buy ebizou now??

I suggest you to just buy ebizou now and complete the castle with this kind of team: 3fngs-celestial guy-starter guy-ebizou-rhino= 88 ck (if i'm not wrong) ... As long as your ebizou and summon have enough lvs, the castle won't be a problem... Then, i suggest u to get ummm Gobi to replace your summon for endgame... :D

Hmmm lws to bring to hard...

I suggest you leave gram and take these 2 lws with you from med:

3:3 Battle At The Peak
MEDIUM [0.03%] Atomos Blade (60+ itemfind) (max 1) 147
+21 increased Attack
-13 decreased Stamina
-13 decreased Elemental Resist
+50 increased Elemental Adv.
+62% increased Item Finding

MEDIUM [0.03%] Daedalus Lance (max 1) ??
+20 increased Attack
+20 increased Stamina
+39 increased Elemental Adv.
+39 increased Item Finding

Don't these 2 lws look lame?? Why did i suggest u to take these 2 lws to hard??

1. They give a total of 101 IF (Item Finding) which will help you a lot to find hard mode lws like chaos blade, zangetsu and tombongiri...

2. There is almost no good lw worth to bring from med except for luna sword (which u already have :) )

Item choices:

Item choices doesn't really matter as long as u have all 800 abs and your ninjas have 90-100 sta... Just don't buy rubbish items like ummm fire crystalline or umm yeah u know what i mean right (well except if u really need them, but i don't think u need them for med) ?

Anyway, these are my suggestions, so u may disagree (different people have different preferences right ^^ ) These suggestions are what i think is best for your team... XD
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