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Default Kakuzu or Gai?

So, i've never used Kakuzu before, and i don't know if he is worth to use either. Since my team 2 is from South im going to use Eiter him or Gai. The question is who, i've used guy before, but on harder settings, and i never liked the lastgate, but since it's on the firstrank, it wont be a problem. So. Gai or Kakuzu?
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I think that's a hard choice. Really depends. You want more power, with worse staying power, pick Gai. If you like a more stable ninja with more balance between attack and staying power, pick Kakuzu.

I would say for the first time through, when you need to complete the game as quickly as possible, I'd use Gai. He costs less chakra, but is still stronger at higher levels.

I don't know how much you value the 10% gold gain Kakuzu has, but I would probably choose Kakuzu anyway. Depends mostly on how you've planned your team, and they both have their own benefits. If you already tried Gai, perhaps you should try Kakuzu now? That way you see who you like more:)
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I used Celestial gates gai in beta, and cleared all the way to hard. I've tried Kakuzu but i still prefer Gai + Kakashi.

On the other hand Kakuzu and Hidan has a great combo 7+ nin and +10% Lvl 5 death.
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i vote for... kakazu cuse he is partner to hidan ^^
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