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Default Ninja Suggestions Thread

Created this thread to gather up all suggested ninjas, it's useless to have 50 different threads spread out. No one will even remember them...

If you make a good picture, post it here. You can still make individual threads for discussions about your pics etc. But when you have a picture you want to make public sort of speak, post it here.

I feel that this is in the best interest of everyone, and will make it far more likely for new chars to be added.


  • Pictures and names only, stats can come later if a ninja is decided to be made real.
  • No talking. Doing so will be considered off-topic and thus spam warnings will be issued.

*Maybe* I'll make it into a showcase style, and add in all pictures into single posts for easy viewing. Depends a bit on if this idea actually works or if people will just ignore it like the LW guides for example...


Itachi FNK

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