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Default General Character Balance.

I think that Sasuke lvl.2 and Kyuubi Naruto one-tail should be as strong as Akatsuki mebers jounins but not gaining that much attack every time they lvl up. Their Taijutsu and Ninjutsu on lvl 1 should be around of 41/43 and gaining 3.3 of Nin/Tai in each lvl? Their Stamina and resist and endurance should stay the same. Thought that for this their ryo by 70/110 ryo.

Genins: All of the NeoSound Genins lvl.2 Cused Seal (Jiroubou CS lvl.2, Kidoumaru CS lvl.2, Tayuya CS lv.2 an Sakon lvl.2 Cursed Seal) should be put as 350 genins cuz' they're stats are roughly the same as the other 350 genins and in the anime , note that this is an example, Butterfly Chouji, which is a 350 genin, beat lvl.2 Jiroubou which is a jounin on the game.


Sanbi: Taijutsu,Endurance 3/5

Reibi: Atk ,Endurance increase per lvl 2.5/2.5

Nibi: Ninjutsu, Reroll increase per lvl 4/4

Ichibi:CritDmg/ElementDmg* increase per lvl 2/4

*This instead of just being wind damage increase is all elements dmg increase.

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why dont we get a Osama Bin Laden here, he pwns most people & even gets away with it. :D
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I love ur nibi with 4/4 the most 1 less reroll compared to SD, it took u much time to think about and calculate those balanced stats didn't it ? :>

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If sasuke cs2 and naruto one-tail get 10 more chakra...then the Teletubbies team would be TOTALLY messed up.
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sasuke cs2 and naruto have good combo, cost not much chakra - it is good as it is

Ichibi:CritDmg/ElementDmg* increase per lvl 2/4

i like this idea
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Many of the ninjas in this game are weak(er) for a reason. One is that they represent how they were during a certain period in the anime, like sasuke cs2 and naruto 1-tailed.
The other reason is to give some diversity to the game. For example they're good to use at higher difficulties when your total chakra is lowered

Making naruto 1-tailed and sasuke cs2 as powerful as akatuskis wouldn't fit with the story-line. As the anime goes on new versions of ninjas might be added to fit their current power.

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I like your Sanbi and Ichibi ideas but Sanbi will certainly get changed. Ichibi is fine as he is.

What I like most is the sound four jounins. They should be 350 genins for the reasons you stated. The reason why they're not is because all the genins in that mission are from Konoha. So a new mission would have to be created and the jounins would have to be changed.
This might just be too late to do now.

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Excellent balancing, especially the 4/4 nibi part =)

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i think naruto should get boost, especially the kage.. this is about naruto, but no1 use naruto as their end game char except the 350 n fng... 3 tail should be on jounin lvl, as strong as akatsuki n make 4 tail stronger.. 4 tail vs oro is tie, no 1 losing so at least put 4 tail as strong as oro kage.. increase his chakra along with his power..
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Yeah make 4-tails stronger, his chakra higher and screw over at least 5 teams I know on Hard+ and who knows how many newbs on beginner...

And the Nibi and Ichibi part is VERY funny indeed. :)

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+4 elem dmg is way too OP. Think about it, a lvl 30 ichibi would give you 60% crit dmg and +120 elem dmg and since every ninja has an element it's basically adding 120 attack. If it was elem adv it'd be a different story
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