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@Szilu, none taken, DV/DM table I made is not a tool for balancing.

I made it very clear (though most likely not everyone saw the post) that balancing is done with a lot of common sense involved. Common sense that can only be gained by playing the game.

This is the exact problem I warned Teamish about when he created his guide based on Lunar's attack value. There will always be people who misunderstands where these AV come from and how to use them properly. Admittedly I thought people would try to use it as a justification to balance LW first instead of 800's. But the principle is the same.

AV is an indicator of one small aspect of an ability/LW, it doesn't even come close to scratching the complexity of the game mechanics. On top of all that, it is currently outdated.

If you're going to make arguments about revamping of 800 abilities, at least take the ninjas that use them into account. Or you're just going to make the whole game less balanced whether than more balanced.
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Originally Posted by Szilu View Post
People should reallllllllly start taking the ninja as a whole x.x,, ability up ability down attack value ability attack value down attack value up.
szilu is right and the kisames 800 is balanced

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Well i dont agree that its balanced if i should look on the whole ninjas
(isnt that common to do?)
Just 2 bad teamish uses Kisame Fnj I use the fnj aswell. So...

Q: Strong 400 that results in a weak 800 ? A: no
Q: Combos ? A: No
Q: Stronger growth than other Fnj´s ? A: no

His abilitys just result in a lower average compared with other nins without gain @ other points.

So i know what u mean pain is weak on abilitys because of his strong growth and stuff, but with a ninja like kisame that exists in a completly different to calculate form the balance needs a rework 4 sure.

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peins ability shouldnt be changed.kisames ability is weak ability for a 800 ability.As forsaken said that 17 pure attk is better than 32 tai becuz of immunities well cant the abbilities of pure attk be decreased by the mullvad claw and some other abbillities?
kisame should not have any boost in stamina.he should get boost in endurance or any other thing
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Originally Posted by Teamish View Post
#17 I totally agree.
^ lol teamish i like this.

#19 i like your avatar.

i agree with kisame being sexy, but weakling fish.

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Well , i'm not talking based on attack value nor any balancing... i just agreed that kisame's 800 is stupid! as well as his 400... and his combos too =D let's take the Ninja as a whole if thats the important thing... Kisame's only strong point is his stamina growth... and his 400 give stamina... and his 800 give stamina...!! wow!! his stamina is OP!! ¬¬
I can somehow agree that pains skill suck but his growths are nice... now Kisame is another story =/

Anyways, about the 800 i was not complaing either.... just saying that it would be nice, now that we have new stats, that they could be inserted in the old ninjas too , and not only the ones that come now...

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