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Default Gamabunta and other summons balancing

I think that Gamabunta is really weak compared to Katsuyu,Manda and Gobi.
He should be 5 tai 4 sta maybe that would make him good. Tell me if its OP.
Also Sanbi should be 3 or 4 tai. Gobi should be 3 tai and 3 nin or 4 tai and 2 nin cus hes really OP, he cost less chakra than the sannins summons and he is maybe even stronger. I know Reibi had a nerf but he needs another one to like 1 atk. Ichibi should be 2 crit dmg and maybe 2nin, that would maybe make him better. Oh and fillers like SD,Umibouthing,Piranha,Reibi and Guren should not be in game us fillers are bad, they are scrap. I know that it would fuck teams up but just change the image, name and abilities name and put real naruto characters but keep the stats, for exemple put Hanzou's salamander in place of SD. Anyway just an idea. But im saying that cus for a manga reader a filler is worst than a spoiler for an anime watcher.
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5 tai and 4 sta would be a bit overpowered. i support the idea that gamabunta should be 5 tai and 1 tai immunity.

i think nin kame should be turned into a tai and low endurance summon so that it wouldn't go to waste.
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There are already plenty of summon balancing threads around, for example

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