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Originally Posted by Duke View Post
Lesser Kyuubi is in need of a boost
Well, now that we're on the issue I wanted to point out how underpowered the kyuubi is, I already said so in another thread but I'd figure that this would gain udons attention better, here's the post:
If you look at the facts, Lesser Kyuubi has an attack value of 4.025 and manda and katsuyu have 3.05 and 4!!! Katsuyu has only 0.025 attack value per level less while the kyuubi has more the 2 times as much chakra (and is twice as expensive, lets not forget about that :P).
Next to that there is the fact that after you've reached a certain level with your kyuubi, about 20, the stamina you get is totally useless, which drops the value even further to 2.525!!! So you could either drop it's chakra to about 20 (halved) or you he needs some real boosting, I'd say about 3 attack 4 eadv and 5 stamina.
Udon, I'd really like your opinion about this because the kyuubi is totally underpowered and not worth using over for instance Katsuyu who only costs less then halve the chakra. If you have some explanation for it then tell me so and I'll be pleased but otherwise you cannot not boost it.
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i think it should be increased too. maybe 2 tai / 5 end or as you said, 4 tai / 4 end
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