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Default All Questions & Answers about Legendary Weapons & Item Find

Threads that will answer your questions if you take your time and read them.

Legendary Weapons: A Guide - This guide have all the information about all the found legendary weapons. Required Item find, stats, drop rate and much more.

The World Map: A Guide - This guide gives you all the information the team upgrade "Analyze" does, plus a little more.

Legendary Weapons: Damage Value - This is an advanced guide showing the power of a legendary weapon (its damage value and damage multiplier). It's a bit hard to understand if you don't have basic knowledge of the game mechanics.

Legendary Weapons: Attack Value - This is a more basic guide on how much "value" a legendary weapon holds. It can be a bit misleading but it gives you a hunch how much "value" the weapon brings to your ninja/team.

What is item find and which ninjas/summons increase it?
A: Item find increases the percentage chance of a LW to drop. Ninja Dogs and Yonbi are two summons who increases your item find. To find out which ninjas have Item find abilities please look at the Game guide. To find out which ninja combos increases your item find please look at the Combo list.

Q: How do i hunt a Legendary Weapon?
A: Most of the enemies in the world map have LWs, check the Legendary Weapons: A Guide to find out who drops what and how much Item find you need.

Q: How do i calculate how long it will take for me to find the LW im looking for?
A: Look at the first page of the Legendary Weapons: A Guide. There you will find the formula and also a simple calculator Aenonar made.

Q: I have a LW but i don't know who i should equip it on?
A: There's no correct answer for this question. Equip it on the one you think needs it. I.e a new ninja that needs a bit of a damage boost or one that could benefit from some extra stamina or perhaps more reroll.

Q: Do i have to win over the enemy for the LW to drop?
A: Yes

Q: Some enemies have more than one LW, is there a chance for more than one LW to drop at the same time?
A: Yes.

Q: If i've beaten a difficulty, easy for example and reset to beginner will i be able to hunt the LWs found on easy difficulty?
A: Yes you can, if you've completed a difficulty you'll always be able to hunt those LWs.

Q: If i beat Forbidden mode and reset to beginner will i be able to hunt all LWs?
A: Yes. Everything from beginner to Forbidden will be available once you've beaten Forbidden mode.

Q: What about the Forbidden Ninjas? They also have LWs.
A: It works the same way. If you've beaten hard and reset to beginner or any other difficulty they will always be available for you to fight.

Q: I have 300 item find but it only says 260 when i beat the mission?
A: For item find to work the ninja have to fight. For example, your Kage might have an item that increase your item find by 40. If he never fights, meaning your last Jounin kills the enemy the Kages item find bonus wont be added.

Q: When should i start hunting LWs?
A: When ever you want. But it's best to do it during times you're stuck (higher difficulties) or when you've completed the difficulty you're on.

Q: What is Blade of Badass?
A: It's a LW that was added during an event. It doesn't do anything to your ninja or team if you equip it.

Q: I already have a certain LW on my team, what will happen if it drops again? Will i have two?
A: No you can't have more than 1 of each LW, you will get ryo instead.

Q: I sold my LW by accident, will i be able to get it back?
A: No, once you've sold a LW you can't get it back. You will be able to hunt for it again if its been sold.

Q: How much Item find does the "konohamaru trio" give (Mogei, Udon and Konohamaru)?
A: All in all you get 360 Item find. 60x3 + 30x2 + 30x2 + 30x2

Q: Can i bring a Legendary Weapon with me if i reset to the same or another difficulty?
A: Yes you get to choose which one(s) to bring. You can bring 1 LW after beating beginner, 2 from easy, 3 from medium, 4 from hard, 5 from extreme and 6 from impossible.

Q: If i beat a difficulty several times do i unlock more LW slots to bring with me?
A: No, see the above Q&A.

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