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Default discussion for ranking list of ninjas by stats

This is not the official guide/list!

Hello everyone, I am reaching the end of one of my guides (a ranking list of abilities) and I am planning to make a ranking list for the ninja by their stat growth (and maybe other stats?) and after that, a progression guide (I'll make a thread for that too, so wait to talk about it til then). I'll give some examples. the guide should help you find which ninjas have a good tai, nin, stamina, attack, and maybe resist base stats, total stats (base + abilities), and stat growth. this thread is to discuss about how to organized the list to help everyone the best way as possible.

The sections I plan to make are:
Normal Genins
Starter Genins (and their transmigrated form)
Normal Jounins
Starter Jounins
Normal Kages

the starter genins and jounins will be in the normal sections too for I guess completeness (even though you are probably not going use a starter genin/jounin without the 0 chakra perk (most redeeming quality in higher difficulty, I guess) cause there are so many other ninja with better stats)

each section will have the following sub-sections:
Attack (taking into account tai, nin, pure attack, and decreasing enemy tai, nin, and attack)
Resist? (I would do this for completion but I get the feeling that resist is of little concern)

For each sub-section I will rank the ninjas in a certain order of priorities (highest to lowest for stat, lowest for chakra).
here are the current orderings:
For non-starter genins, normal and starter jounins (starter jounins will skip chakra cost part), and normal kages the order is:
For Tai, Nin, and Attack:
Stat growth>Total stats (add the base stat and the 3 abilities that boost said stat the most)>Stamina growth>Stamina Total>Chakra Cost>Name
For Stamina:
Stamina growth>Stamina Total>(Charka Cost/Attack/Name/Something?)>(Remaining priorities)
For Resist:
Resist growth>Resist Total>I don't know...Endurance/Attack/blah blah?

For starter Genins:
For tai, Nin, and Attack:
Stat growth>Stat Total>Chakra cost (cause sometimes you need a 0 cost genin more than an 8 cost genin at higher difficulties)>Stamina growth>Stamina Total>Name
For Stamina:Stamina growth>Stamina Total>(Charka Cost/Attack/Name/Something?)>(Remaining priorities)
For Resist:
Resist growth>Resist Total>I don't know...Endurance/Attack/blah blah?

Since FNG/J/Ks have the same stamina and resist as each other, I did not include these sub-sections (cause everyone had the same base and growth), but i guess I could rank who has better stamina/resist boosts from their abilities.
For Forbidden Ninjas:
For Tai, Nin, Attack:
Stat growth>Stat Total>Stamina Total>Name?
For (a hypothetical) Stamina/Resist:
Stat Total>(Attack/Stamina Total/Name/something?)

I can't choose what options to take (or if to that them at all), so you guys can help. of course you could add new priorities (like ranking/when you access the ninja).

Here are some Examples:
Base Stat+Stat growth (Ability Boosts separated by commas|1,2,3,4) Ninja[Name] Secondary Base Stat+Secondary Stat growth (Ability Boosts)
The (~) separates the your-attack/Stamina-boost from the enemy's-stat-decrease (cause enemy stat decrease is like an stat boost). for example: Kin's 200 ability would be (4~10) (your boost~enemy decrease)

Normal Genins:
41+6 (11,12,30,32) Rock Lee[5 Gates] 8+0.8 (0,0,-14,45)
36+4.6 (5,8,13,19) Kiba[Two-headed Beast] 10+0.7 (0,8,0,32)
28+4.4 (11,22,25,16) Chouji[Butterfly Suicide] 15+0.5 (0,0,10,33)
35+4.3 (11,9,17,28) Sora 17+1.3 (0,0,15,23),,,,,,,,,,,Here, Sora's and Naruto's
30+4.3 (-3,0,0,0) Naruto[Berserk] 15+1 (0,-5,26,0),,growth are the same, but
... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Sora has more Tai Total
9+2 (0,0,10,11) Kin[Bells] 9+0.8 (0,0,25,0),,,,,,,,,,,,,,Here, Kin's and Dosu Base
12+2 (0,0,0,18) Dosu[Bandaged] 5+0.6 (0,0,15,22),,,stat and growth are the
... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,same but Kin has better
... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Stamina growth

10+3.5 (Varies) FNGs 20+1.3 (Varies) I guess I put FNGs for comparsion?
24+3.45 (5.5,11,21,16) Rock Lee[5 Gates] 8+0.8 (0,0,-14,45)
23.5+3.4 (3~3,6~6,9,22) Shikamaru[IQ Overload] 8+0.8 (0,0,20,0)
23.5+3.4 (5.5,8,12.5,21.5) Kiba[Two-headed Beast] 10+0.7 (0,8,0,32)
23.5+3.4 (5,7.5,17.5,17) Neji[Genius Jyuuken-user] 9+0.7 (0,0,5,25)
4+1 (4,0,5,7.5) Konohamaru 6+0.5 (0,0,0,20)
4+1 (4,0,5,7.5) Moegi 5+0.5 (0,0,0,20)
4+1 (4,0,5,7.5) Udon 3+0.3 (0,0,0,20)

20+1.3 (Varies) FNG
17+1.3 (0,0,15,23) Sora
10+1.2 (0,10,0,20) Ino[Cat Fight]
10+0.8 (0,0,-14,45) Rock Lee[Fuzzy Eyebrows]
8+0.8 (0,0,-14,45) Rock Lee[5 Gates]

Starter Genins:
(T)=Transmigrated,,,,,,,,no (T) means 0 chakra genin
10+1.7 (3,10,0,14) Hinata 5+0.6 (0,0,30,0)
9+1.7 (0,0,0,0) Chouji 7+0.6 (0,0,10,33),,,,,,,,Here, normal Chouji is ranked
9+1.7 (0,0,0,0) Chouji(T) 22+0.9 (0,0,10,33),,higher cause of lower chakra cost

Here, the Attack sub-section does not show base stats + growth cause they are all 10+3.5, so instead the total of all the highest boosting abilities are shown. all ninjas are FN here so no [names]. also the secondary () set is for stamina boost of abilities.

6+3 (5,0,17,11) Neji (0,0,5,25)
10+3 (11,5,9,0) Anko (0,10,0,0)
10+3 (0,0,0,0) Yahiko (0~15,0~8,0,-20)
3+2 (0,4,17,29) Tsunade (0,5,24,12)

53 (5.5,6,10~10,7~20) Ino (0,10,0,20)
52 (5.5,11,11,30) Gai (0,0,26,-40)
51 (5.5,4~10,10,27) Kin (0,0,25,0)
50 (3.5,5,30,15) Itachi (0~7,0,-10,34)
48 (5.5,11,21,16) Rock Lee (0,0,-14,45)
47.5 (3,6.5,18~5,18) Jiraiya (0,0~10,0,30)
19 (0,0,0~10,9) Yahiko (0~15,0~8,0,-20)

The jounins and kages follow a similar ordering.

I am also not sure about adding things like starting seal and chakra cost (is it worth the clutter/effort?)

Also, I did not negative ability amounts in the stat total in order to acheive the highest stat total possible. For example, Naruto's abilities only give a -3 to his taijutsu, so in this case, his tai total is his tai base stat. But in the attack sub-section, Naruto's 50 ability has the -3 tai, but the nin and enemy attack decrease bring the attack total back up to the positives, so his 50 ability can be included in the attack total.

Also, I was think about include a thing to show the stamina of the highest attack set up and the attack of the highest stamina set up (cause they are not always the same set up). currently I listed in the attack sub-section the highest possible stamina set up when tiebreaking, but that could be misleading (the way I set it up could be read as if Gai received the 800 ability attack boost without the stamina decrease, which can't really happen). I was not sure how to implement that while still keeping the same general structure, but I could include a separate sub-section that shows the different set ups for each ninja. It would look like this:

highest attack/and corresponding stamina ninja[name] highest stamina/and corresponding attack (maybe corresponding attack/and highest stamina?)
For attack (second set will be attack/highest stamina):
99/-3 Gai[Celestial Gates] 74.5/37

Only problem is that there is no abilities or stat growth part, cause I already included them in the other sections, and it may get too cluttered if included. I could add a +attack growth/stamina growth, either after the set or in the same set (which actually may work well), but it could be redundant if I list the growth twice (listing it for only the first set seem weird/unfair for the second set). Example
99+3.75/-3+0.5 (or 99/-3 [3.75/0.5]) Gai[Celestial Gates] 74.5+3.75/37+0.5 (or 74.5/37 [+3.75/0.5] or nothing at all).

OK that is all. Thanks (in advance) for helping me help you!

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Even though FNs have the same overall growth and starting stats, they differ a lot based on utility. This is something that tends to be overlooked until you reach Forbidden and the Otherworld summons begin to have a much higher impact. Forbidden is a difficulty that rewards overspecialization and every stat point can make a big difference on something like critical damage which multiplies those differences. That 1 point difference in Tai growth can result in an extra 100 damage per hit.
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