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Default Kage Battle Glitch

I'm not sure what the bug is exactly because the numbers are a bit arbitrary. I've seen this error before in a previous kage fight so it hasn't been resolved yet. Basically, not sure if Gedou Mazou is bugged in some way or another.
Anyhow, it's much easier to understand if you go to battle arena and type this in your url...

In the battle between Zabuza Fnk and Konan Fnk the numbers are not right.
Zabuza's Max Nin Immunity is:
Darkness: 18%
Custom 1: 15%
Custom 2: 10%
High Seal: 10%
Equals: 53%

Konan Fnk's Nin Immunity Down is:
Arachne Bow: 10%
Omega: 26%
Keyblade: 10%
Summon: 18.5% round down to 18%
Equals: 64%

Therefore, all of the nin damage should go through since there is an extra 11% nin immunity down to spare. However, Konan Fnk ends up doing 382 damage on her 1st hit and Zabuza Fnk 357 after stamina penalties.
Consider her attack range of 85 + 641 - 709 equals 726 - 794
The 641 to 709 is allocated from nin. Ignoring tai immunity up or down completely, she should do 641 damage minimum. There aren't any other external stats to consider. Oh well, thanks for reading.

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