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Default Bloodline Recipes

Bloodlines, Like LW, are limited when you reset to next difficulty. You can bring 1 after beginner, 2 after easy,etc. All levels reset to lvl1 after reset. Look at guide for bloodlines

Unlocking the DNA Lab in Mountain Graveyard will enable you to obtain easier bloodline for starter ninja only. That bloodline cannot be carried next difficulty.

Bloodlines List may not be 100% accurate still in testing stages
Berserker Release = Level 20 Jugo + 50x Berserker Enzymes + 10x Mind Awakening Pill
Boil Release = 125x Clear Water + 10x Nature Transformation + 30x Steam Stone
Byakugan = 5x Byakugan Eye + 15x Dojutsu Catalyst + 100x Hyuga Blood + ??
Crystal Release = Level 10 Crystal Dragon (Summon) + Level 15 Guren + 15x Quartz Crystal
Dark Release = 200x Dark Chakra Eel + 3x Deathly Dust + 30x Essence of Darkness
Dead Bone Release = Level 40 Cursed Kimimaro + 150x Adamantine Bone + 6x Osteoblast + 6x Osteoclast
Dust Release = 14x Aero Stone + 2x Inferno Artifact + 50x Nature Transformation + 14x Soil Stone
Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan = 5x Mangekyo Eyes + 100x Uchiha Blood
Explosion Release = 280x Clay + 1x Earth Shard + 1x Lightning Shard + 10x Nature Transformation
Ghost Release = 90x Ghost Spirit + 15x Snake Eyes + 60x Tainted Chakra
Ice Release = Level 20 Hardpath Haku + 3x Aero Stone + 40x Ice Shard + 5x Nature Transformation Chakra
Lava Release =15x Magma + 10x Nature Transformation + 60x Quicklime
Magnet Release = 2x Ancient Coin + 70x Iron Sand + 1x Iron Tail + 5x Nature Transformation
Rinnegan = Level 75 Nagato (Kage) + 8x Hashirama's DNA + 8x Indra's Chakra + 40x Dojutsu Catalyst
Scorch Release = 15x Aero Stones + 30x Lava + 10x Nature Transformation
Sharingan = 15x Dojutsu Catalyst + 5x Sharingan Eyes + 100x Uchiha Blood
Smoke Release = 10x Mind Awakening Pill + 25x Smoke Essence
Steel Release = 1x Damascus steel + 10x Roran Coin + 100x Rusty Spring + 10x Steel
Swift Release = 20x Cursed Feather + 10x Demon Wing + 20x Essence of Swiftness
Twin Release = Level 15 Sakon (Jounin) + 2x Heart Container + 45x Mind Awakening Pill + 10x Stem Cells

Bloodline related forge items
Bloodline Materials
Aero Stone = 1x Alkahest + 2x Granite + 2x Zephyr Leaf
Aqua Stone = 1x Alkahest + 25x Clear Water + 2x Granite
Atlantic Artifact = 4x Aqua Stone + 1x Azoth + 1x Babylonian Stone
Gaia Artifact = 1x Azoth + 1x Babylonian Stone + 4x Soil Stone
Ice Shard = 15x Ice Horn + 1x Alkahest
Inferno Artifact = 1x Azoth + 1x Babylonian Stone + 4x Molten Stone
Magma = 1x Alkahest + 3x Granite + 4x Lava
Molten Stone = 1x Alkahest + 2x Granite + 1x Magma
Osteoblast = 1x Alkahest + 50 Animal Bone + 10x Stem Cell
Osteoclast = 1x Alkahest + 10x Blood Vessel + 10x Stem Cell

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how can i upgrade bloodlines?
if i finish easy mode, will the upgraded bloodlines move to medium mode?

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