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Default New content before next event!

The Hard mode event has ended and the remaining batch of 18 FNJs are now available for everyone.

Also, due to popular demand, a new Madara FNK has been added and the previous one has undergone a name change. Every active player who had a Madara FNK were contacted and given the choice to switch to the new version. Those who accepted have now gotten their Madara updated! Thanks to FrozenHeaven, Yaana and everyone else involved in planning and executing this.

There will be a Beginner mode event coming up in June, but before that we will add a bunch of new regular Genins and Jounins to spice things up a bit. A lot of combos will also be revised and improved, and new combos will be added along with this update. Also, a few of the currently under used summons will receive boosts! These changes are scheduled for the next week or so, depending on last minute balance changes which might delay things a bit.

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