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Default Easy team, what summon should I get?


I am currently doing Easy difficulty, one country away from being gold.

This is the final team that I had planned:

Genin: FN Sakon, FN Yota, Transmigrated Tenten

Jounin: Roshi, Torune

Kage: Mei Terumi

Summon: Giant Panda

109 chakra

Roshi and Sakon are focused on tai, and Tenten is a mix. All of my ninjas are gonna be 1 seal so I thought that Giant Panda would be a great addition to my team. Obviously the ninjutsu and the endurance is nice but I think that the reroll will be very nice to have since all of my ninjas will be 1 seal.

What do you guys think? Are there any other summons that I should consider?

Thanks in advance!
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this one is fine... nice setup.

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It's good, go with it.
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