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Default Hard event team

Hello everyone!

I came back to game few days ago and decided to take part in event just for FNJ. It will be difficult because of the time, but... I took up the challenge and created my own strategy.

I want to create my first hybrid team: 3 LS Nin and 3 HS Ninja.

A want to hear what do you think about it?

Here you have some photos, because I can't attach Word document...

Some of LW's are missed in Team setup, because I don't know I want to drop them.

Order of ninjas is random, so don't mention it.


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too much lw in my opinion.
gaara tm 400 800 RN
shika 400 800 RN
kankuro 400 800 arondight
itachi 400 800 chaos
akatsuchi 400 TE gram
jiraiya 800 gunbai hexa

goodluck, i think you wont finish event in time
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