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Like I said, it's just my personal opinion. Maybe I'm just too spoiled from old school FFs =P

For example my GF is moogle (and chocobo) addict and absolutely LOVES Mog. Me, I think Mog is an excuse to just add a moogle to the game and go "hey this FF has a moogle", since he could be easily replace by something/one else - nothing he does is "moogle exclusive" so to say.

She also enjoyed FFX and X-2 much more than I did and thinks the best thing about FF 8 is the story... I fully admit review and opinions are based on my experience of the game xD

EDIT: The 6 reflects what you said and I meant regarding this not being what you would expect from characters in a FF game. They can still fulfill their roles as far as story telling and gameplaying go, and yet they are lacking that FF mystic that makes us "bond" or feel that special empathy or even care towards them.

I almost cried when Galuf died in FF V. FF VI delivered a perfect job with all the main characters and Kefka is probably the best villain of all FFs. I felt pity for Kuja and I was too saddened for my own good when found out about the whole history of Vivi in IX. Heck even Sahz gave me a "if he killed himself I'm not playing anymore" feeling out of no where in XIII. There weren't any epic moments like that in FF XIII-2 for me =\

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