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Default Camping,lvling ninjas

Hi, my camp team is .The problem is i get only 2-3 chals a day and thats a problem.I really want to lvl some of my ninjas.And so i wanted to get a team which can help me lvl some ninjas. I was thinking of using kono,kono,Lee FNG,iruka,kono,Nindaime,manda.I want to lvl my kage and my lee to lvl 50+ but dunno who to use for that.
P.S Right now im using 3 konos to lose some exp ^_^.And my normal team is: Lee 350 lvl 35,oro FNG lvl 41,Lee FNG lvl 45,Pain lvl 37,Hidan lvl 39,nindaime lvl 36,manda lvl 22
P.SS Im also saving ryo for AA D:
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