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Default [Discussion] Candy's Attempt on Trying to keep NM 2 Balanced.

Hello This thread is all about the upcoming version with several suggestions on how we could keep campers from camping. Where even if they do decide to camp. than it would not be like nm version 1 with sparhawk and his 100% nin immunity summoning beast.

things i'll talk about

Lw limitations

Lw Hunting & Forging

Stat scaling

Udon spends a lot of time, and so does a lot of theorycrafters on forum when we talk about abilities stats and balancing, ideas comes and goes everywhere. Ways for nerfing, and ways to fixing underperforming options.

Well here is my general idea of how i could see some functional changes. keep in mind everything i say are just suggestions. you are free to agree or disagree. You are also welcome to build more on my ideas if it somewhat made sense but you felt it lacked anyway back to the topic.

LW Limitations

Now i'll get a lot of hate for saying this. But when i think of abilities items, i kinda have the feeling that the ninja has them on them or wears them, when they uses. 3x Legendary weapons sounds a little bit meh to me unless you are zoro from one piece and do 3 sword-style ye right

I believe it would be more fun, if abilities actually were the one people focused more on when we talk about ninjas, i feel like a team of 6 ninjas with 18 lw's might be a bit too much. and often those are what makes campers wanting to camp as well. with all those stats gain + enemy stats lowering Udon said that he doesn't feel like having enemy reduce stats again

So imagine. if every ninja could only use 1 LW. this way you will pick ninjas for their abilities as well. And you would not see a specific stat getting stacked on the specific ninja.

LW Hunting & Forging

This idea actually started by Udon and i wanted to improve/add more to it.

Udon felt like wanting to collect materials and then you could create the legendary weapon. i had a little different idea, this ofc still sounds fun, but i was thinking if all lw's actually could have random stats with different Attack Values.


Sword Of Life 77 Attack Value

+60 ninjutsu 30 Attack Value
+45 stamina 13,5 Attack Value
-45 enemy stam 13,5 Attack Value
+20 endurance 20 Attack Value

now what if this LW could drop for like 5-10% drop chance but instead of 77 AV it is 20 or 25 AV

and then the stats distribution is random. you could basically get a 20 AV Sword of Life which only gives you +40 ninjutsu and rest 0

Now what you can do is reforge this legendary weapon with materials. each reforge changes the lw. and getting the perfect 77 AV lw would be really hard to get and require a lot of forging + luck.

This way it would be easy for everyone to hunt legendary weapons. but it would require time to improve them. And since this is a slow game well yeah manager game. I feel like it should be easy to achiev everything. but take time to improve them, just like how you recruit a new ninja and then have to level them up.

I believe Udon has a lot of ideas on how those materials can function but i believe this would be really fun.

Stats Scaling

Udon already said this but this is also something we should look at for make summoning beasts campers to avoid being "op/broken" unless they invest a lot of effort into it.

Example of how scales will be working lets take tai immunity as an example

0-10% -> 10% immunity
10 -> 20% 20% immunity (30% immunity total but gives 20% immunity)
20 -> 30% 40 % immunity ( 70% immunity total gives 30% immunity)

i know that this example pretty much killed it. they were just random numbers for show what i meant.

This could happen with crit dmg as well. and any other stats that we believe would be "too op" to stack.

and with all those 3 changes what i expect to happen

Is that LW's becomes more important to fix, and that clan wars fights might be more interesting as people need to swap equipment fight to fights. because sometimes you want to use a LW which just has pretty much good stats for story mode. while on the other hand, you also want one lw that is good in arena.

I believe it will be more "manager" like to swap and fix builds inventory and so on . instead of just sit with 18 lw's and just wait for results also this lw limitation pretty much would make you focus on your ninjas abilities as well. so your team combinations would also be a lot different.

Especially when udon said you can make pre-made squad settings for IF squad. Story Mode Squad etc

so you could pre-prepare sets of playstyles.

Please if you dislike something, state why. Lets make it into a discussion rather than just bashing. My suggestions aren't final if something sounds awesome but could work a little bit differently. please state so. The edit button works!

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