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Default "You should obtain a new rank"

Hey! Just wanted to ask how this "You should obtain a new rank"-thingy works. My brothers account (Orochimarus Loyals or Gurens Vanguard, not sure, but w/e) saw this sign as Pink Ribbon, and I told him to advance in the world map. Once he did this, he won the Battle Arena, but then failed even the first mission on his first country. Yet the sign is still in place, so does that mean that he can't recieve challenges? 'Cuz that´d be rather wierd?.. :/

EDIT!! :
Seems the sign dissappeard, so I guess it works pretty well. Nice job implementing this Udon, I really think it'll dispearce some rank-holding" Awesome, and keep up the good work!

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You see this message when you have over 200 red ribbons wins WHILE being red ribbon yourself. You also see it if you have over 500 red ribbon wins WHILE being bronze rank. I can fix it so the message disappears instantly when you rank up, forgot about that.
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