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X icebower X
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Default X icebower X's Graphic Transformation

Hey guys, I've been away for about a month now, just honing up my graphical skills, as you may have guessed, I would like you all to compare two pieces of my work, from when I first started graphics, to now.

Ok, so here's artwork number 1. This was made over 2 months ago:

This was made on the 19th of April, 2012, the time was 12:10PM:

Please rate both of them, and tell me if I have improven over the last couple of months, constructive criticism only please.

Yours sincerely,
X icebower X
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Evil Entity
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Well, they are in very different styles and themes but I like the Bison one more.
9/10 old (Would be 10/10 but text placing is quite odd to me)
8/10 new
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Why are you always making another thread for *almost* each sig you make?...

Just make a thread and update that one.

And I think you've made a thread for the bison one before.

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The Spoon Commander
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Artwork number 1: 4/10
I suggest avoiding to place the focal in the middle of the signature. Create some depth by sharp focal, and have the surrounding area less sharp and blur the parts furthest away from the focal. (The focal is the place where to focus on the signature. In this case: the hand and the face.) For the text I recommend a gradient as it is simple and a good way to color the text. Use two good colors from the signature.

Artwork number 2: 7/10
Much better than the first piece. The focal is nicely put off center and the shadows and highlights are somewhat there to create the sense of depth. I think the text is too distracting though (try the previous advice about text).
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