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Lightbulb Naruto Team: A Guide

Introduction - What is this guide for?
In this guide, you can find factual information about Naruto team, the second team you will control on World Map. Another purpose of this guide is to encourage further discussion on reducing the difficulty of Naruto team, which is "annoying" for many players.

Be noted that this guide only contains facts. If you are looking for tips or strategies to make your life easier in using Naruto team, you may need to look at some of the general guides.

In the sections where ninjas in Naruto team are introduced, the attribute Ryo refers to the Ryo cost for changing element, while the attribute Seal refers to the starting Seal. All ninjas get to move their Seal up or down by 1 every 4 levels.


#2 Naruto - Protagonist of His Story
#3 Other Ninjas in Naruto Team
#4 Enemy Info
#5 FAQ

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