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Default Sparhawk - I - has Phoenix Aura?

So i was looking in the LW guide and i didn't find Phoenix Aura anywhere how did he get this? It gives +125 increased stamina and has the craziest stats on it?

- Sparhawk is the #1 ranked player in the game.
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There is also 139 other LWs that are custom that you will not find on the guide. There is 4 on my main you wont find ever. Customs are from the events 10 for each event that has happened.
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Oh thanks guys i thought he was some next level hacker aha. How hard is it to get one of the custom LW's?
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Well, you'll have to clear a Revival Event (currently, the 14th one ended a while abit) in the top 10 (maybe this will change in the future, but it seems unlikely to change). the higher you place, the "better" you can make your custom LW. I am not sure when the next event will be (or what it will consist, giving it the benefit of a doubt that it's another rerun event)
the players are pretty much racing for the better Custom LWs, so the difficulty of getting one would depend on somethings:

In (at least, Mine) Theory, the winning teams clear though the event as fast as possible (beating the final boss and the areas before that in a timely manner. how long that take would depend on the difficulty). it seems complex to me what the best team would be, requiring a good understanding of the game's mechanics (using strong (in base stats and growth, training those ninjas, recruiting endgame ninjas as soon as possible... I am not even sure if I can describe it easily at the moment.)) and possibly a good dose of luck (for those rerolls and Critical strikes).
however, most of the top place are filled by players who use premium (using real money to get an extra boost, which, if they know what they're doing, lets them surpass someone of equal (or better) skill/whatever who is not using premium), so blah blah blah, premium user will possibly rank higher than non-premium user (of equal skill).
here's a post of a guy who was the highest ranked non-premium user for the earlier Revivals (towards the bottom) Fastest non-premium records. keep in mind that some things have changed since then (the "strange trio" combo got nerf, maybe 9~12 months ago, new ninjas have been added, etc... I think the 13th Revival got completed in like a week) and besides the endgame team, you have to build that team and use your energies wisely to avoid falling behind the other players.
I fear actually getting a custom LW would require the use of some premium (unless the premium users are not playing well/having serious bad luck or nobody is using premium in the first place), so... oops, sorry, if I gave a bigger answer than you were expecting, maybe I'll do a tl;dr.

tl;dr: not easy (barring the next event being something completely different) unless you're alot better than your competitors or buying energy boosts (directly from the game, of course!).

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