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Default Server bugs

Well... Lots of stuff happened with the server move so... To help Udon find them all report them in here.

Known bugs:

Generally laggy
Energy not always refilling properly (times shifted 1 or 7 hours?)
Missing pictures here and there (cache clear + forced reload doesn't fix all)
Ladder page blank white for some
General issues with ladder page (pics missing etc)
Ladder end moved ~7 hours forward

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Games works properly in Opera,but its a bit laggy on my Firefox.

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And laggy on chrome
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ladder ends on the right time (shows wrong time), and you can still ladder but it just shows a blank screen.
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New server is in the US, so it will be perhaps 100ms slower for europeans.
The timezone should be fixed now. The refill timers/ladder ending/voting were not the same as the actual refill of energy/etc.
Missing pictures/ladder page background should start working very soon.
When things have settled down I'll look into optimizing for better speed.

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