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Lightbulb NM Cards Tutorial: A Guide to Aesthetics and Technicality

NM Cards Tutorial: A Guide to Aesthetics and Technicality

~By Darrison~

Sorry for the shameless self promotion right here XD


This guide is mainly created to help nmers make better cards by introducing the necessary art aesthetics for a successful card. The technical aspect of card making is not going to be thoroughly discussed in this guide because there are other guides out there to help with that; this tutorial is mainly on how to create better cards artistically, not technically. Although I will discuss certain technical techniques to aid the aesthetics though.

Here are some tools you will need:
  • -Photoshop (preferred) or Gimp or other photo editing software
  • -Patience
  • -Internet access
  • -Cookies

And you will also need some basic knowledge in creating animations in Photoshop/Gimp/other programs in order to understand the animation tutorials presented in this guide.

Alright here we go! Hang on tight, grab some cookies, empty your mind and be ready to be filled with art knowledge!

Single Image Based Card Creation

Step 1: Choosing a Picture

So you chose your ninja huh? Nice, hopefully she is hot, like Mabui, if she is not, it's alright too I guess (no it's not). For this tutorial purpose, I chose Fuu. To start off, you will need to find a picture, an image for your ninja card. Lucky for you, I know which places are good for pictures, and have compiled a list for you below:
  • -Google Images, My main source, usually sufficient, has some really good images overall
  • -Tumblr, good source, but can be filled with crap or just not usable pictures, gotta be careful with this one
  • -Deviantart, barely use it, it can be good
  • -Bing/Yahoo/other search engines, use it if you are really out of pictures
  • -Photobucket/Tinypics/other image hosting program, crap most of the time, don't bother unless you are really DESPERATE.
I chose Google Images as my search engine for pictures this time. I typed 'Fuu naruto" in and a bunch of pictures showed up. The question is which do I choose? I mean there's so many options (especially those nudes). Well, here's a general guideline of what to choose:
  • -Anime screenshots, main choice
  • -Fanart, only if they are really good, do not recommend it though
  • -Game screenshots, never unless you are doing cards in 2015+ when game characters are beyond obvious polygon heads
  • -Nude, I wish, too bad this game is pg
Here's my google search, I marked it to show which are the good and bad pictures:
  • Red: Yes! Choose these! Candidates for cards!
  • Blue: Maybe, only if you tried all the Red ones.
  • Not Marked: Terrible, don't waste your time on them
(Sorry the colors are kind of ugly, I had to make them stand out)


As you can see, not every image on google is good. There's terrible fanarts spread all around, some weird game screenshots, full size figure official art that's just too small for card making, and so on. Amongst the ones I boxed in red, there's one that really stood out to me; the picture on the bottom where Fuu sprays things from her mouth. Its got both the dynamics and the angles for an amazing nm card! Awesome~!

Aesthetics Note: Try to only choose portraits because you will ultimately have to size the picture down to a miniscule size and we want things to be recognizable, so a face is usually the best as it's big and familiar.

Aesthetics Note II: If you really cannot find any good pictures, and I mean you looked through all the sources I provided, try searching the trading card version of the character. Although they are generally low resolution and pretty terrible quality, there are some redeeming ones in the mix, so try it before totally giving up.

Step 2: Cropping the Picture

Now that we got the picture, it's time for some Photoshop actions! Open the picture up in Ps, and input 22x26 into the crop dimensions. Hold on though! Before you do some major irreversible damage (kidding, they are reversible), we got to consider some aesthetic tips first:
  • -TRY NOT to crop the face so that a line or corner is directly touching with the edges of the picture; it can create an awkward and uncomfortable feeling because nothing in the world intersect at a perfect angle; it's just weird to look at. Look at the example, see how the hair on the bottom left awkwardly touches the edge of the picture? Do not do that. Same with the head weirdly touching the edge on the right. This is actually an art principle, but as of right now I cannot put my finger on what it is called, so if you know, tell me! I want to put it in the guide and better fill my readers with knowledge.

  • -TRY NOT to crop the picture outlandishly, meaning, don't crop in weird places and leave tons background in the picture. We want the picture to be mainly about the person, not the background. As you can see, the picture looks out of focus, and that's because it is! Never do this now that I told you about it.

  • -TRY NOT to crop the picture too closely to the face, it can ruin the picture, make the face looks too "tight" or unrecognizable since anime people within the same anime MOST of the time got the same eyes and we will not be able to recognize whom this character is if it's just their eyes or even eyes with nose. The picture below is not the greatest example because Fuu (undead) got her face scar, rinnegan, sharingan, ect that makes her somewhat recognizable, but most other characters within the naruto universe does not so be careful.

  • -TRY NOT to crop the face in halve. The result is just terrible. If you have to, try to make it so more than half of the person's face is in there. This does not pertain to Fuu but look at the example of Kakashi, the more you look at it, the more he looks like a mutated fish.

  • MAYBE. Cropping it so the body is also in there is not a very good idea. In some cases maybe, but in others, not so much. In our example with Fuu, she looks ok with her body also in the frame, but there is a better cropping option out there though.

  • -TRY to include both eyes into the picture. Goes back to the Kakashi tip above. Don't want anyone looking like a fish or only have one eye.

  • -TRY to crop it so that most of the person's face is visible, so that when shrink, the face still remains recognizable.

Ok so we got the basics of cropping? Great! If you want to learn more however, try searching "How to Take Portrait Photography" on google. What I wrote down is all you really need to make good nm cards but of course more knowledge in portraiture will not harm your skill.

What we have to do now is just resize it to 22x26 because that’s the actual size of the image on the cards. If you do not like how it looks, just undo your cropping and try again. The first crop is never the best crop, so try a few different angles and see which is the best.

Technical Note: Check the borders of the image to see if there are half transparent pixels because the way Photoshop’s resize algorithm works is that in the process of resizing, it resamples surrounding pixels and use that to aid in resizing in order to achieve the best quality. Well, that technology is flawed sorry as it leaves a border of semi opaque pixels in the process. If you run into that problem, here are two solutions to aid you in getting rid of those nasty artifacts.

  • - You can resize it to 23x27 so that that the extra pixel is not interfering with your desired image, and then just crop off the extra pixel border out.
  • - You can just just duplicate the image layer multiple times and every time you duplicate it, the transparent pixels should overlap with other transparent pixels creating a more opaque edge. Do it enough and the transparent edge would become a normal edge. Three times should be enough but you can certainly go beyond into 4 or even 5 layers. After all that, just combine all the image layers into one and the edges should be gone.

Aesthetics Note: Please do not transform your image in any way. No free transform or transform! That will just distort the image and make it look unprofessional and not proportional! If you really cannot make the image work and have to resort to distort, you are doing something wrong. Stop, and refer back to the tips above on how to crop an image.

Here's my final crop,
Doesn't look too bad now, does it? (Sorry I accidentally sharpened all the small images preciously shown already; it's instinct but do not worry, I will tell you how to in the next step.)

Step 3: End Picture Adjustments

In this step, we are going to do some post adjustment tweaks on the different parts of the picture to enhance the overall quality of it.
So to start off, we are going to smart sharpen it. Always the first step. I usually go for .2 radius at the default of 103%, but you are welcome to go beyond it, to .3 but no more than that, or else your picture will start to look too sharp and your colors are going to distort.

And here it is again, the image after being sharpened, I used .02 smart sharpening at 103%

After that, I put down some adjustment layers on top of the picture (if you do not know where adjustment layers are, it’s the middle button on the bottom of the layer’s panel; it’s the circle with half filled black and the other half filled white)
here are some adjustments that I normally use:
  • -Brightness/Contrast: I usually press the auto button and let Photoshop do the job for me, and it does it well most of the time. If it does not however, I do tweak it. There's no set numbers which works, you have to play around with it yourself to see what's the best for that particular picture.

  • -Color Balance: I made the skin of the ninjas redder to make them feel more "human" because naruto anime skin colors are pretty yellow or white while a human's skin color are more pinkish (because of the veins, especially around the cheek). You do not have to do this and sometimes you don't (like the undead Fuu here, she need no redder cheeks maan, u get wha i m saying?).

  • -Curves: I do not use it often, and I auto it when I do. Pretty much have the same effect as brightness and contrast.

  • -Vibrancy: I also do not use this often either but if you like your colors brighter/darker, try it.

  • -Levels/Exposure/Hue/Saturation/Others: Try it if you really want to, won't hurt but also won't help much.

Aesthetics Note: Try to do the adjustments with with the ninja card at it’s actual size (if you do not know how to do that, click on the magnify glass on the toolbar to the left, then press “Actual Pixels” on the options on the top).

After all these changes, compare the after product with the before by turning off the adjustments layers. Do the after look better? Is it too red/bright/dark/weird? Fix it if it doesn't not look right! If it does look great, fantastic!

Here's my Before and After images:

As you can see, the picture dramatically improved in quality. It was too dark before so I just used a simple brightness/contrast on it. Nothing fancy. I chose a very good image so I did not need to do too much to it. Sometimes you will not need too, other times you will but try not to let the adjustments get to your head thinking that the more the better, most of the time, the less the better. Try not to go too overboard with the adjustments.

All you have to do now is cut off the corners with a 1-pixel white brush 100% hardness and you are done! Yay! Give yourself a pat on the back! Now all you have to do is save the picture, DO NOT FORGET TO SAVE! Whether it is a .psd or .jpeg/.png, SAVE IT! You don't want to lose all your progress (Ctrl/Command + s is a shortcut to save, use it wisely). I am not going to go into pasting this image into a template as it’s not necessary. It just ends up creating more work for udon who will have to cut them all out anyways.

Here's a recap of the process
  1. Choose image
  2. Crop image -22x26
  3. Resize image -22x26
  4. Smart sharpen at .2
  5. Adjustment layers
  6. White off the corner pixels (create another layer, use a 1 pixel brush at 100% hardness and white out the 4 corners.)
  7. Save for web (jpeg/png)

Now, this process only creates a single image, which is useful for regular ninja cards, FNGs (you will need another image for either the young or old portion), and FNJs. To make FNKs though, you will have to go through a more complicated and more time consuming process, but don't worry I got everything figured out, just continue reading and find out!

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Animation Based Card Creation

Forbidden Genins

FNGs are simple. All you need are two images, put them in the same document in Photoshop, then follow these official animation timelines below:

Technical Note: To get the fading effect, place two images side by side on the animation timeline and simply click the bouncing ball icon and a window called "Tween" should pop up (haha, tweens). In the box, input 2 into "Frames to Add" and you should get 2 frames of transition added between the picture. For anything else concerning animation, look it up on google or other tutorials. I told you I wont be instructing on the technical aspect too much, this is mainly on how to create epic cards through artistic techniques.

The first timeline is the original timeline created by udon himself while the other, the obito timeline, is the "2nd gen" created by early nm pioneer card makers. Both are present in game, it's up to you to pick one as your template.

Forbidden Jounins

Look at other tutorials, I don't do it anymore and there's no need to do it anyways; leave it to udon ;)

Forbidden Kages

Alright, here’s what you guys had all been waiting for! The FNK tutorial! WOO! Well, first of all, there are 3 types of FNK animations, they are:
  • -Single Animation Fnk: Fnk made out of a single modified gif.

  • -Segmented Animation Fnk: Like the name said, the fnk animation is made by combining different but related gifs into one single sequence.

  • -Zoom Animation Fnk: Zoom in the eye/forehead/headband/ect. Hardest because you have to create an animation from scratch using just one picture.

The Single Animation Fnks and Segmented Animation Fnks are usually the way to go, as they look cooler and more "exciting" than the Zoom Animation Fnks, and they are easier too. So you ask, why would anyone do the Zoom at all? Because some minor characters, like Sandaime (Third Hokage of Fire) does not have any usable gif available to be made into a fabulous fnk card, so we will have to resort to the zoom.

To find gifs, refer to the sources I listed above in Step 1. One tip I do want you to know is that Google has a feature called "Search Tools" on the top where you can select the type of file you want. Select the "Animated" option, that will make google search for all the gifs with these keywords.

Neat huh? Just beware that it does not work too good. Tumblr is usually the best source for gifs but this method in google is a lot easier than scrolling though pages of random still images till you reach the desire gif.

Unlike the still image above where you can just distinguished what pictures are more suitable than others, animations do not work the same way; we cannot just take a glance at it to see which ones are the good gifs and which are the bad gifs, there are some obvious losers though. Try to avoid:
  • -Gifs with texts on them, will not work too well when the text are going to be these strange little black dots floating around in your final product. It's alright if they do not interfere with your main product or you are able to crop them out, those are exceptions.

  • -Gifs where the face is not shown at all. Don't bother, it's not going to work, we will not be able to recognize the ninja at all. Likewise, a gif with a face that's pretty small will also not work because of how small the resizing will be.

  • -Gifs with flashy animations: Sorry, not going to work when resized, just going look like a bunch of flash bombs, or failed pokeball attempts on a shiny Pikachu.

  • -Gifs made from sprites (Gameboy games or Ds Games) will not work. It's obvious why.

  • -*Gifs in which the main action is not present in the middle. We are cropping in one place, so if the action goes all over the gif, we will not be able to follow it as it will be most likely cropped out and leave us with a discontinuous animation. Of course the exception is that you are doing a Segmented Animation Fnk where you only need part of the action and not the entirety of it, in that case, sure, but not for Single Animation Fnks; it just will not work.

Technical Note: Little note before we start. We are know that gifs and animations are essentially the same thing on the most simple level. However, those two words will not be referring to the same thing in the following tutorials; gif will refer to the gif that you found on the internet, it's the original source for your fnk while animation will be referring to the animation sequence that you are editing, essentially meaning the-fnk-in-progress.

Alright now that you got that, let's get to it, the meat of the process!

Single Animation Fnk

Step 1: Finding a .gif, Cropping, Editing

To start off, open the gif in Photoshop. I have my gif here, found it on Tumblr I believe

Then I opened the animation timeline (how to? Google it) and I looked over the animation to see if it is workable because Fnk animations has to be under 30 frames, and I am trying to find out if I can cut some frames off of it... and I definitely can for this gif. I hold on to that thought and look to see how I can crop it (if you do not know how to crop, go back to the beginning of this entire tutorial). This cropping is a little special though because I have check to see if this particular angle will affect the other frames negatively. If it does not, I go right ahead and crop it, resize it, then observe the aniamtion at actual size to see if it works or not. I usually repeat this step multiple times to get the best result.
Here's what my final crop was (before resize)

As you can see, I just cropped to middle because that way there's symmetry to the figure (no one side has dominance over the frame). Also, there's 158 frames! Holy cow right?! I got some serious deleting and editing to do. I cut down the frames by dragging the frames that I do not need to the trash can on the bottom left corner next to the bouncing ball icon. Then I resize it and see if it works again.
Well it does work, so i kept my resize. However I still have some deleting to do though as this is 6 frames over the limit and technically I can only have 28 frames of actual animation. Now, this is optional, but I also replaced the starting image to this animation with another better image, wich means that I have to cut another frame out, leaving me with only 27 frames of actual animation.

Since I know that I have to leave out 3 frames, that means my total animation length can only be 27 frames. So I cut here and there to shorten it enough and here are my results:

Yes I know this is only 21 frames, not 27 because what I ended up doing was thinking, "hey, why not make a zoom in the eye at the end? That would be so cool!" So i did, I left 6 frames at the end dedicated to the zoom. The idea was to have the eye stare at you for a bit then zoom in. Now, you do not have to do this, you can just have the 28 frames (minus the beginning frame) dedicated to the original gif that you are doing, I am just going overboard with making my animations perfect ;)

Aesthetics Note: I feel like I am confusing you guys, so let me explain it really clearly right here:
-Fnks are limited to 30 animation frames max (meaning you can have an fnk animation that's only 28 frames, or 26 frames)
-Now there are 2 required frames at the end, and that is the tween, which is the gradual shift from one picture to another.
-So in the end you will only have 28 frames for your actual animation, meaning you will have to fit what you want in 28 frames.
-What I was doing before was replacing the starter frame because I want something nice to start the animation with, again, this is something optional. And the zoom, another optional feature that I wanted to do. Here is what it would look like without the zoom and the starting picture; this is what it would look it if it was just 28 frames of gif animation:

Here's what it would look like as an animation:

Looks kind of lame doesn't it? That's why I created another starting picture and a zoom at the end. Hope this clears up the confusion.

So once I got that down I just added a beginning/starter picture for my animation and the zoom. Here is the timeline in its full length:

(Yes I know, this already has adjustment layers applied and whatnot, but it is what I am going in depth in the next step)

Step 2: Adjustment Layers

First thing I would do is smart sharpen it. No matter what you do, always smart sharpen right after resizing! Now, Photoshop has no way for you to batch sharpen all those layers at once, therefore, you will just have to go in and do it one layer at a time. Do not worry however, there is a shortcut to smart sharpening, and that is crtl/command+f. Just smart sharpening once, then shortcut your way through the remaining relevant layers, don't sharpen every single layer, only sharpen the ones you used. The best strategy I came up with was to click on the starting frame, then on the corresponding layer to that frame, and manually smart sharpen that layer through the filter menu (remember .2). After that, just click on the next frame, then the corresponding layer, ctrl/command-f, then next frame, layer, ctrl/command-f and so on till you finished with all the layers. You might be wondering why you should do this when it's so painful, well, this is the only way to make your animation crisp and sharp, without this crisp HDness to it, the entire animation that you spend so much time on is going to look like crap at the end no matter how well you can string the frames together.

Technical Note: If you are confused on what a corresponding layer is to the frame, here's a quick explanation. Corresponding layer = the layer which the frame is based on. The most obvious way to identify this layer would be select a frame, then go to the layers panel and scroll till you see the eye next to your layer, signifying that that layer is visible. The visible layer would be the corresponding layer to the frame you just selected. If you have multiple eyes check on, the upper most layer would be the corresponding layer, so select that one when smart sharpening it.

After you make your image look like a 1080 movie, do some adjustment layers on it. if you do not know which ones to use, refer back to the beginning of the tutorial when I talked about it in depth. Here's a screenshot of what I used for this particular fnk:

I have two sets of them because one set is for the figure while the other is for the latter part when nibi actually came out. I cannot just apply the same adjustments to both of them because one ends up looking awesome while another part looks hideous, that's why I made two sets of adjustments. You do not have to do this if it looks good without the need for two sets, and most of the time you do not; this fnk here is a special exception.

After doing the adjustments, you are almost home free! Yay! All you have to do now is make the corners white again, remember the 1 pixel white corners? Yeah those! (Don't know what I am talking about? Reread Step 3: End Picture Adjustments's last paragraph). Do that and then change the time on your frames to 8 seconds first frame, .1 seconds/0 seconds for all the frames after that and do a 2 frame tween at the end to loop it back to the beginning. The tween should both be at 0 second.

Technical Note: When replaying your animation, you might want to change the starting frame to 1 second so you do not have to wait 8 seconds every time you want to check your animation. Just do not forget to change it back from 1 to 8 seconds in the end though.

Play and replay your animation, if you are fine with how it looks, go to "File", "Save for Web" and save it as a gif and upload it to the forum where we can all enjoy your fruits of labor :)

Here's my final product:

Here's a quick recap of what I just did:
  1. Found a gif
  2. Cropped the gif
  3. Resized the gif
  4. Edited the unwanted frames of the gif out, remember only 28 frames of actual animation with 2 tween frames in the end
  5. *Optional: Create a starting image for the animation
  6. Smart sharpen at .2
  7. Adjustment layers
  8. White corners
  9. Change time, 8 seconds on starting frame, 0/.1 seconds everything else, tween 0 second
  10. Check the final animation
  11. Save for web as gif

Segmented Animation Fnk

Step 1: Understand Single Animation Fnk

This type of Fnk is harder to do than the Single Animation Fnk, so you need to be able to do the Single Animation Fnk first before attempting this.

Step 2: Finding the Appropriate Gifs

To make this work, you have to find the right kind of gifs. What I mean by this is that both of the gifs should have a similar color scheme and be able to transition smoothly from one to another. If you absolutely cannot find at least two that matches this, that's alright, you will just have more work to do later on.

Here are my gifs for the planned Kakashi fnk. None of these gifs can stand alone as a fnk animation by themselves so that's why I am combining them by taking the good parts from each and weaving them together into one epic animation. Much like editing a film.

What I have plan for this particular animation sequence is to have Kakashi open his eyes, revealing the mangekyou sharingan (1st gif) then have the zoom in animation following that and ending with the nail getting sucked up. Cool eh? :)

Step 2: Splicing and Combining

Now that I have the idea down for the gif, I am going to edit them into one smooth animation. So of course, first thing first, cropping. I crop the gif down into the 22x26 format, and then I step back and look at it. It looks pretty good actual size, so I am moving on to the next step. If yours does not look good resized, try again, and keep trying until you reach perfection, you do not want it looking like crap right?

Now here comes the tricky part. To combine both animation into one file, you first have to decide which file you want to use as your main file. It does not really matter, just choose one. After that, you have to import all the gif layers to the main file and you do that by selecting and dragging all the layers from the secondary file into the main file. Just click and drop. Simple. Do that for all layers. To import the actual gif sequence, you have to go up to the upper right hand corner of your timeline panel of your secondary file and there should be a drop down menu containing options such as "New Frame", "Delete Frame", "Delete Animation" and so on. If you look down a bit you should see a "Select all Frames" and click that. Once all your frames are selected, go back to the drop down menu and select "Copy Frame". Go to the main file now and press "Paste Frames" under the drop down menu again and it should ask you how you want to paste them, choose which ever you want and boom! You just combined your gifs!

Here's a section of my combined sequence.

*My resize does not look exactly like my final product (if you saw it) because I am going back and redoing the fnk for this tutorial. Please do not take that misunderstanding as a "oh it's alright if my cropping is less than desire", you want your cropping to be perfect since you cannot change it later.

If you successfully combined your gifs, it's time to edit your animation. Remember what we talked about back in the Single Animation Fnk tutorial? Yes that's going to apply here too. 28 frames of actual animation, 2 in the end for the tween. If you do not like the starter image, replace it with another image. Pretty self explanatory when it comes to editing. Here's my edited timeline. As you can see, I did a zoomed in of Kakashi's eye and a zoomed in of the mangekyou; I do zooms to smoothly connect those two gifs. You might have to do this, you might not. It's up to your gifs. You will not have to do this if you got really good gifs and that's why I dedicated an entire step just to warn you to be careful when choosing gifs.

*Sorry this is after adjustment

Step 3: Post Production Adjustments

You should be acquainted with adjustment layers by now. Use them to make your animation more pretty. Also do not forget to smart sharpen 1st before anything else! Here's my timeline after my adjustments and smart sharpen.

I applied some brightness/contrast and color balance to make it sparkle. You might have to group the gif layers individually to color balance or brightness/contrast if the gifs are really contrasting themselves. Here's an example of that grouping

Technical Note: The little down right angle arrow next to Color Balance 2 and Vibrance 1 is showing that those 2 are clipped to group 1. If you do not know what I am talking about, look up "clipping mask" or simple "photoshop clipping".

Replay the animation, if it looks good, just trim off the corners by making another layer and whiting off the 1 pixel corners. Save as gif and post it on the forum! Dont worry, we will be nice to your fnk! :)

Here's my final edit:


My final edited timeline again

Here's a recap:
  1. Found 2+ gifs
  2. Opened them individually on Ps
  3. Mentally laid out a plan on how to combine them together
  4. Cropped both gifs
  5. Resized both gifs
  6. Imported one gif into the other
  7. Copied the frames from one gif over to the other
  8. Edited the frames so that it is under 28
  9. Added 2 tween frames at the end
  10. *Optional, add a better starting image to the animation
  11. Smart sharpened at .2
  12. Adjustment layers
  13. Changed time, 8 seconds on starting frame, 0/.1 seconds everything else, tween 0 second
  14. Replayed the animation to check that they work
  15. Whited out the 4 corners
  16. Saved for web, as gif

Zoom Animation Fnk

I am seriously tired of writing. May get back to this section later. For now, enjoy a timeline of some zoom animations and read Xeromaano's guide -->

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Closing Remarks

This guide is by no means a set and stone way of doing fnks. Try to be creative with it! I showed you how to do it, now master those skills and start experimenting by yourselves. Experimentation is the best way to learn beyond the basics. Also do not forget to have fun in the process either, becasue this is what it's all about!

And check out my cards here -->
Be aware, the post is pretty darn huge!

  • -Udon, for making this game, thanks man!
  • -Early Nm Card Pioneers (Dante, Yaseen16, ect.)
  • -XeroMaano, for making his Fnk/Fnj guide which really helped me start doing cards
  • -Adobe, for creating Photoshop, without that... I don't want to think about it :(
  • - Everyone else (anson, vincent, heitei, raven, yanna, dragon, aeno, basically everyone else who's part of the nm community, without you guys nm would be dead and I would not have any point in making this guide, thank you!)

Version History:
(Sorry Firehydrant, although you are long inactive, I am copying your closing remarks structure without your permission)

V.1.0 - Nov 05 213, Finished the core of the guide. By no means this all i have to offer, I just got tired of typing.
~* Darrison's Cards :0 *~

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Reserved :)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
Suggestions for the guide? Please tell me!
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i thought you're gonna open an fnk request shop, cheers for making an in depth tutorial, really appreciate this. though i think the fnk would be more acceptable if it was below 20 frames, like this one(disregard the colors)

so it wouldnt hurt if the kakashi fnk ended with eye zoom since it would be hard to distinguish the latter frames(unless you really follow the anime)

EDIT: another tip, try adding a duplicate layer then change the blending of that layer to soft light then ctrl+E to merge down, makes card more vibrant

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Nah I dont have the time for fnk shop. And it's up to the card maker how many frames they want; I added an note in there that said max 30 frames. I like my kakashi fnk the way it is because I think it's too short if it's just eye zoom, and it's not epic enough. Thanks for the suggestion though :)
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