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Wink New Stat Points and Team Upgrades

Ok, so for a while now I've been thinking about some things in the game that could be added to make it more interesting and fun, so now I decided to share my thoughts with all of you :D

New Team Upgrades
Since the team upgrades currently available have gotten a little stale, I thought some more could be added, with the same system as the old ones, just with different effects.

Item Hunter (new version)
A team upgrade that would add some IF to your team automaticaly (not a lot, max. 100 or less, so the players could get some more IF, and keep it even after reset, like C+, AA and the others. That way some of the ONE LWs would be a little easier to find.

Other types of upgrades like item hunter, that would give your team certain SMALL boosts that maybe just help you get that edge in the beginning of the game (WM), like a small stamina boost, resistance boost, or other stats. Definately an upgrade that gives Ryo %, even just a little, like 10% or something that would help people get ryo a little faster for a fair upgrade price, ect.

Re-worked Stat Points
Currently Stat Points don't realy live up to their name, since you can't upgrade all the stats with them, just nin and tai, which is a waste, so I thought it would be fun to play with the idea to change that.
The 10 stat points you get when you buy the stat points, could be spent on any particular skill, like stamina, ressistance, immunity, lvl5 death, reroll, critical damage, ect.
I know what you're all thinking. owerpowered. But that could be solved by increasing the cost of different stats to upgrade like:

1 Nin = 1
1 Tai = 1
1 Sta = 2
1 Res = 2
1% Crit Chance = 5
1% Crit Damage = 2
1% Reroll = 2
1% Lv Death = 4
0,5 Nin imm = 10
0,5 Tai Imm = 10 (the same with negative tai and nin imm.)

(these costs are just examples, the actuall cost could be the same as when making a custom LW, only with SP you have 10 points to distribute)

That way it would bring more diversity into teams and make more options for your team, and since it gets more and more expensive to buy the SP every time you buy them, it would be almost impossible to abuse this.

This is everything for now, I apologize for the typos and grammar fails. If I wasn't clear enough on some parts ask me and I'll try to explain better. Tell me your oppininon ;)

Energy Cap Increace
A team upgrade that increases your max energy for a certain ammount, I forgot the current max amounts for each energy (arena, world, naruto), but this could be a small cap increase for 1 energy, or a smaller increase for all abilities, but you would be able to get it multiple times (not the same one. like the inventory upgrade). That way you could stock up on these upgrades and if you can't get to a pc everyday to spend your energy, it won't go to waste.

P.S. I've posted this thread a few years back, but it was kinda' overlooked, so this time I changed some of it and posted the new version again (mods pls don't kill me :* )

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My thoughts on... (sorry if I jump from one topic to another or fail to know when to use "its" and "it's" correctly)

The team upgrades:
well, I do like the idea of getting boosts that don't take up any space on my team line up and hopefully, has a respectable cap to prevent overpowered-ness. however, I (or, more generally, other people) may find this either makes the game more easier than it should be (depending on if the game is at the right level of challenging) or creating a wider competitive gap between those who have stuff and those who don't have them. doing something like traits in gaiamon (a "free" passive boost) that you can equip, but only a certain amount at once, could help bring some balance (if there's enough diversity among the stats, and no ones gonna leave equipped pure IF boosts in competitive stuff).

The stat points:
this does seem interesting (more diversity with options), but some of the stats either have a natural cap (stamina at 200) or are overpowered without caps (immunity, LV5 Death). while the increasing cost of stat purchase to hinder the strength progress, Eventually (probably a really long time, but eventually) a single ninja will have insane stats that are equipped for "free" (no summon, LW slot, or seal choice being used up).

well I tried to calculate the ryo cost to max out these stat... well I messed up the first time so 5.53+E299 is not going to happen, but its still alot to max (2+E26 to 3.21+E303 Ryo).

I took a basic year long ryo gain (arg, I know the formula but can't remember for sure, daily max ryo profit with 300% ryo gain for a year. I am using something like ((16*20+20*16)*365)) and subtracted the stat purchases (for a genin; jounins and kages would get 9 purchases) one by one and got 10 purchases (100 stat points, though based on my possible error, it can range from 9 to 13 purchases).
so with 100 stat points, a ninja can get (when focusing on one stat):
+50 Stamina
+50 resist
+20 Crit chance
+25 LV5 Death
+10 (Tai or Nin) Immunity
+50 Crit damage or reroll

these can allow things like natural Auto-lV5 Death (a la Shinigami), ninjas that have seal 1 and 19 perks (only thing not possible to copy is the Ninjutsu Range and maybe endurance) and maybe indirectly "force" players to invest in immunity up/down so they can have a chance against those who focus on immunity boosting (a "strict Meta" problem?). again, there may be a competitive gap (although, there is always a competitive gap in games, just as long as it's not too difficult for someone to close the gap, then gaps can be tolerable)

now, I am not trying to rain on your idea, I think it can be nice (and we are trying to refine it to become implementable), but with what is given (hoping I didn't miss a major piece of info), we will need to find a way to implement this idea without hurting the meta too much. I also don't want to be the guy to make things difficult and leave without helping, but I have not thought about ways to help this idea yet and I have some work to do, but I will try to think more about this later.

The energy increase: (warning, coding discussion ahead)
seems nice, doesn't really affect the meta except allow players to do more battles than others (ever then, not that many more battles). main problem is probably the coding work.

I am not an experienced coder (though I think I could be decent with some more education), but If I were to imagine how I would go about it, I would have the base max energy variable (the energy limit we start out with, lets say 169 WE but if you go overboard with a refill, it will not be applied; 162+10 > 169 so amount stays 162 (kind of like the ending of a modified game "sorry", if you would not have landed exact on the end, you don't move at all), and every time a player buys the energy upgrade, their energy boost variable goes up by one and the final max limit would be "(base limit)+(limit boost)". I don't know if something like that would be a code accepted by the computer or if that code is an energy-efficient code, but the servers that hold the data of each player (and their current max energy limit) would have to hold that new coding (which, if I'm right, would be take up "(extra coding)*(every player in the game)" amount of space) which, ever if it's 1 line of extra coding, with 1 million player, its 1 million lines, may require more servers to hold everything (plus future players). I would put some kind of energy cap so I don't have to worry about dedicating a whole server to the 5 players with the most energy cap (I believe this is something like the root cause of the Y2K problem).
I've seen another forum where some of the users do help with the coding (like volunteers) of their game/program site, so we could help relieve some burden from Udon, provided the helpers also understanding coding (wouldn't want to crash NM).

well, a summary for what I would do is make the (efficient) code for energy limit calculation and how players interact with the feature, put a cap on the final max limit, and work out any random bugs that may have spawned from the implementation.
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Thanks for the reply (finally someone).

Regarding the team upgrades: I did thought about it, and you make a valid point, there would have to be a limit otherwise it would become op and things would be too easy. But that is exactly why I said the boosts would be really small, like 10% ryo gain by itself hardly does you any good, the same with exp gain, ect. maybe 100IF is a bit much, but I would leave the finding of the right boost amount to the proffesionals :D

Regarding the stat points:
I don't think any of the stats would be overpowered (25% lvl5death in 1 year isn't really that much,ect.) except the main problem: immunity. My solution at first, would be to simply say: ok then let's make it so you can't buy immunity with stat points, but that would be unfair to the immunity teams, since it would favor the other teams more. So yeah this is really a tough one (damn immunity, always such a drag).

Regarding the Energy Cap:
I couldn't know any less about coding, but I've heard, that the coding for nm is quite old (duh, from the start :D) and it would be a really bad idea to go messing with x years old coding, since everything could come crashing down. So it's probably best to leave this one as is.
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