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Default Kyuubi (Hard)

I came back after about a year and I've managed to get myself to Kyuubi. I realize I'm probably a bit under leveled, but I'm also having issues figuring out which LW to put where. So I figured I'd ask around.
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Hey there,

I'd go with something like this :

Tsunade FNG : 800 , 400 , RN ( Robust Nunchaku )
Konan FNG : 800, 400, 200
Sakura FNG: 800, 400, 200

Tobi : 800, Murasame, Luna Sword
Tsunade FNJ : 800, 400, TE ( Tornado Edge )

Naruto : 800, Dragon Shield, RN

your levels are not quite there yet, as you already said, or rather, your tobi and narutos lvls are a little too behind, FNs are all fine. Your summon is not the ideal choice but you are rather close to QB. Try to ladder Naruto and Tobi if possible, then you should be done in atleast a week, I think. You can also hunt Hard Mode LWs : 4 of the most used would be Chaos Blade, Zangetsu, Gunbai and Star Seeker . I think hunting one of those would be a good choice as you can bring them over to extreme to have an easier time there :)

GL with Hard

Regards, XaK0R

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