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Default Need advice on easy mode

Hello everyone. I need a little advice on easy mode. With my main team, I have beaten the beginner mode 1 time, and I gained one FN, now I almost finished the beginner mode a second time and I decided to start easy mode with 2 genin FN's, and during the easy mode, I will gain a third genin FN's. So, my question is, is it a good idea to play Easy mode with 3 genin FN's? Of course, at first I will be with 2 FN's and starter/350, since we get FN later on in the game, but after that I want to replace my starter/350 with a FN, so, is it better to play with 3 FN's, or I better stay with 2 and something else. I was thinking about that and now my FN's are better than my 350, which costs more chakra and the transformed ninja costs 2 less chakra and is still weaker than the FN's.

Hope someone can understand whan I just said Thank you!
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Fn's are always the better choice if you want to progress.
You shouldn't have wasted your money on the 350 tho.
With that said, good luck.
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