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Default Prem issues

Hello just thought i'd say i am having trouble with premium for energy 225.

I think i might of done it wrong, so i dunno if this could be the issue, but i take you through the steps i got.

Paying on my card.


Type information. Card detail, email ect.

then click the proceed button, everything went well and put me on another page.

sort of got distracted by a conversion button about Euro to £ and clicked a link then I click back on the link the it put me back to the start page to refill information.

so I thought maybe when you get prompt to next page you might have to click an extra confirm button? don't wont to do it again Incase i get charge twice and don't want to send a message to support in case I did it wrong.

Note: Didn't get an email
Note: Didn't get text
Note: Dunno if I got charged


Looking for some clan members any difficulty any level


Forum Page pop me a pm if intrested
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