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Default Clarification about misslotting/weakening

Hi, I decided to clear up some things.

As mentioned here: Ninjamanager rules
"It's strictly forbidden to trade wins or intentionally lose. This means you should NOT remove or miss place ninjas from the team to boost your friends and/or other teams/clan you might have. It's of course OK to remove ninjas from your team to train certain ninjas, but we do not want to hear any kind of trade win talk either in our chat or in the forums. "

1. How to know if someone is misslotting/training a ninja or weakening his/her team to lower team's exp?

1.A Training a ninja:
It's used to train a certain ninja until a level where it can manage itself. Replacing ninjas in front of it with misslots or weak ninjas like Konohamaru, Udon or Moegi. However! Only until the trained ninja reaches level 16. After that even a red fox rank kage is strong enough to return to proper team setup without being considered a cheater.
What is a misslot? It's basically a ninja equipped in the wrong slot. For example a jounin in the genin slot. You can learn all about ninja slots from the tutorial on the homepage.
The lvl 16 rule is an example for events, for a camper or higher modes you should judge yourself on what level the ninja can fight properly.

1.B Misslotting:
Placing a ninja in the wrong slot on purpose. Misslotting is fine as long as you equip your ninja properly, depending on it's purpose. Often used to bait challenges since without 200 stamina the ninja suffers a penalty. Use your common sense and you'll most likely be fine.

1.C Weakening your team:
Unlike the other two this is forbidden. It's done by both misslotting your ninjas and removing items. Please be noted these rules are applicable to BOTH main and event teams.

- Equipping Items
Fill in all three item slots for all battling (non-utility) ninjas. You are not allowed to weaken your team by deliberately not equipping them with the items and abilities you have. Replacing better items/abilities with weaker ones, such as Broken Nunchakus and Shurikens, is also not permitted. However, it is okay to use utility items, such as Exp Amulets.

- Exception Due to Chakra Limit
If your chakra does not permit you to use full team, you should fill the remaining slots of your team with starter ninjas or utility ninjas as much as you can.

Keep in mind, you are supposed to try to fill every spot of your team. Meaning that if you can fit a starter into an empty slot - do it.

The reason for these rules are:
- Lowering your team exp: After you drop it down, your team exp suggests that you are weaker than in fact causing people to be tricked into challenging you.
- Baiting weaker people to challenge you and then switching to your real line up obliterating them.

Weakening your team will result in a warning, cheater mark or ultimately a ban.

If anything isn't clear enough, ask on chat. There should always be a moderator or a helpful player to serve with advice.

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