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Unhappy similar_ip_address

this system not good we live at flat and use same Wİ-Fİ and suggest my neigbours to play. We made eachother rival its made this more fun.Attack for win and help eachother. other than this mostly i or others get good exp from attacks. We are family and friends here. most people get friend from chat and fight eachother from there. But we cant and its not solution. which means u should find a solution for this find a new system or rule dont know but i know its not fair(U can say multi acount is cheating but this isnt mean i cant attack my friend or get attacked from them).: scared:

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Well, it's worth a discussion for sure.

It's fun and a good way for the game to grow by challenging friends, but in some case I could see in their teams page that there were soooo many teams created just to challenge that team. I believe your team/s were the receiver of such boosting accounts. There were dozens of them with same name. It ruins the experience for others who try play fair.

So problem is;
* Have friends be able to challenge one another regularly.
* Stop boosting/multi-accounting.

It's difficulty to separate what is what, and some ppl will always go out of their way to create 50 "friends" that boost their team.

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