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Default Kurotaiyo - Black Sun

Hello everyone.
Applications are now open for our new clan : Kurotaiyo ( Black Sun )

Join here!

Ranking System:
__________________________________________________ ___________________
Kurotaiyo Academy Student: SilverStar and below

Black Sun Genin: GoldStar

Black Sun Chuunin: RedFox

Black Sun Jonin: PurpleFox and top guild members participating in guild wars and guild maintenance - obtainable only through application on this topic or on the Discord chat.

Black Sun Commander: Obtainable by Jonins through activity and application.
__________________________________________________ ___________________

Guild wars will be initiated as often as possible.

__________________________________________________ ___________________

Here is a Discord server for anyone who wants to chat while playing.
Discord Server
__________________________________________________ ___________________

Kurotaiyo is waiting for new recruits!

Have a great day!
final breath.

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wow man you have really put lots of effort into this. appreciate
have a good day sir
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I think I might help you guys out :)
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