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Default Signature Rules

The rules for signatures.

  1. Maximum total signature height limit of 200 px. This includes any text.
  2. Maximum total signature width limit of 500 px. Auto-formatted text may temporarily be excluded if it doesn't pass #1 when formatted to 500px.
  3. Max 3 images in signature.
  4. Maximum total height for all visible images in signature is 160 px. This includes combined NM sigs etc.
  5. Content hidden by spoiler tags should not interfere with the websites default layout and be kept at a minimal. For now: 650x500 px total sig space. Limits may be changed at any time, it's your responsibility to keep yourself updated on any changes.
  6. Maximum total image file-size (kilobyte) for all images in signature is 200 kb.
  7. Keep it PG-13.
The biggest mistake most do is forgetting the file-size (kilobyte) of the image(s). If you have 2 images they combined can't be larger than 200kb.

And of course having two pictures above each other ending up at 200px. But if you read the rules the max height of the image(s) is 160px, the other 40px is for text.

Members who hasn't changed their signature to match the rules will receive a PM about it and a few days to fix it. After that it will be deleted. Continues breaking of the signature rules will lead to a temporary ban.

If you wish to turn of signatures you can go to User CP in the top left corner -> Edit Options -> Thread Display options

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