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Default Event: 12th Revival

It has been a few months since the reincarnated demon fox was defeated. The ninja world stabilized, but only briefly... Reports on strange activites have yet again surfaced and the ninja world fears it's once again time to battle the beast.

Event: 12th Revival
Start: August 18th, Sunday (17:00 GMT+1)
Description: A rerun on Easy mode with the same conditions as when the game was released (start from scratch). Get one of the FNG's transfered to your real team if you want to! Start with 1 bonus FNG. Auto-accept ON for everyone. Chakra Plus by default. 2x energy. +120 ryo/day! Compete for the custom LWs! The energy/ryo refills will be adjusted during the course of the event.

7 new FNG's have been added. 7 new Easy mode LW's have been added. More info about those soon! We will also update many of the regular ninjas according to the revamp/buff thread where those stats have been discussed and balanced.

Click here to read more
about the conditions and how you can participate (you will create a new account, not use your current one).

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Nice, didn't expect the FNG's :3
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*Nods* same here i was expecting just normal ninja since thats all i saw in the Voting polls.

Hmmmmmm...i am torn here. I wanna get Asuma since his pic is awesome, and he is cool, and i like his title, (i think i came up with that not sure) yet at the same time i don't wanna waste my main account time getting Karin, and was actually gonna get her this event before that announcement...dont want kushina since i already have her FNJ form. *Sighs and pouts.* Guess i will have to figure something out before the event starts.

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Will there be a list of the new LW's and FNG's before the event?
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Originally Posted by CeroOscuras View Post
Will there be a list of the new LW's and FNG's before the event?
Fngs are already out on the game guide, lws aren't yet
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