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Default New FNGs, Jounins and Kages!

Along with the upcoming Medium mode event, we've added 7 more FNGs, 6 new Jounins and 5 new Kages! More info about those changes can be found in the game guide.

Thanks to anson, kuuya, Darrison, Chiyo and all the other active forum members who organized, balanced and created the new ninjas and cards!

New Jounins:
Chojuro, Kankuro, Kurotsuchi, Roshi, Torune and Yamato.

New Kages:
Danzou, 2nd Mizukage, Muu, Onoki and 3rd Raikage.

Forbidden Ninja Genins:
A, Deidara, Kidoumaru, Kisame, Konohamaru, Sakon and Yota!

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Great new ninjas!!!! :D

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I cant wait for the new event later and i like the new additions i just have one issuse. I agree with Kono being a 10 in the seal departmennt and his stats being near enough even while slightly focusing more on Taijutsu but perhaps like Hidan he should have a change in abilitys i mean his Item find abilitys are great but without a team bonus from the other 2 its kind of pointless and he was shown mostly in the anime to be able to use very string jutsu so how about for his level 1 jutsu he has Shadow Clone Jutsu and also have an itty bitty bit of item find or just take it out altogether for more important stat, level 2 can be the shadow clone shuriken jutsu he picked up from the third hokage when he faought naruto in one of the movie OVA'S, level 3 can be his uncle Asuma's Fire Release: Ash Pile Burning jutsu that he used in the same OVA and finally his level 4 ability can be the Rasengan.

I aint good with stat distribution of abilitys and such but i think this complements Konohamaru more since he is now in FNG form

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Nice additions! I have a few combo suggestions I posted in the Suggestion section. I will post a few more as well when I get the time. Thanks for an awesome game!!!
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