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Default Please Help...Advice Needed..

My current team is: ( Name - Seal type - Level )
Rock Lee FNG - HS - 36
Itachi FNG - HS - 37
Orochimaru - LS - 39

Itachi - HS - 35
Kimimaro CS2 - HS - 37

Ebizou - HS - 29

Gobi - - 13

My inventory contains :

Blazing Materia Crystalline
Dance of the Clematis
Dance of the Larch
Faerie Cloak
Fresh Soldier Pill X 3
Impure World Resurrection
Living Corpse Reincarnation
Reverse Lotus
Shiney Materia Crystalline
Soldier Pill X 2
Susano-o X 2
The Last Dance
Tornedo Edge
Tsukiyomi X 2
Vitamine Hero Water X 2
White Secret : Chikamatsu Collection

But the problem is I can not defeat the final boss as of now...what am i lacking?should i level up...should i buy something


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