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LS Taijutsu is a good combination too.
let me explain:
Taijutsu makes your range more,Exact.Applies for both HS and LS
Ninjutsu makes your range much,bigger but the attacks won't always be the same.Applies for both HS and LS

and what Kimi-sama said is right.The truth is I never had time to look in the whole guide to see what you wrote.
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Didn't really read this guide through after reading the comments by readers . By the way , Naruto (jounin ) is available in the village you started with,after having collected 3 crystals. I assumed you started in Northern Leaf as you wrote he is only available in Northern Leaf . And did you refer to the game guide about the information about ninjas / summons / etc before you typed this guide ? Good effort either way :D

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thx for comments.
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sorry to be a bit blunt but i don't really see why this is a guide for easy. all it is is a list of ninjas (which can be found in the game guide) that players would sort of know already since its easy mode. its also just a run through of the world map (which players should already know after doing beginner).

aside from redundant information there is nothing here that shouts out easy mode. there are no possible team set ups listed for the 112 chakra limit either and no where in the run through were there listed time on when/what lw's to hunt that would help the easy run.

sorry man but imo at best you are simply retelling something what a player who's finished beginner already knows.
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I agree with all the critics of this so-called guide. This guide is rather superfluous compared to firehydrant's guide. While he does note that his guide best applies to medium and above, you can easily gleam off important details and goals for easy. If you're going to make a guide, at least include your own team in it, what you did, and how long it took to pass.

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