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Default D.Gray-man 208

What did you guys think of the new recently released chapter 208?
It can be found here:

It seems that Kanda has returned to the Black order and has gotten a new crystal type Mugen O_O I wonder what's going to happen next. Then you see Allen whose innocence seem to have turned into some sort of wing, and that Apocreepy guy is looking for him. Things seem to be getting interesting, like, the exorcists are starting to get upgraded, I bet sooner or later level 4 akuma would be like ants to them with their new innocence.
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I really enjoyed it to be honest. It was great to see Kanda again, shame he isn't the usual emo self he was :P

Its just a shame we have to wait til December for the next chapter now :(

Edit: I misread the last page xD. "December's issue (out on 4th Nov)"

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